Zwei and Lous

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Zwei and Lous
Species Zweilous
Level 100
Types Dark-type.png Dragon-type.png
Gender Male
Trainer None
Carrying Everstone
Nature Unspecified

Short Summary

Zwei and Lous are two of the most obnoxious, selfish, mean, rude, and foul-mouthed Pokemon you will ever meet. The two of them were angry ever since they evolved, when their mother simply named them Zwei and Lous to tell them apart, something they've always hated. Nevertheless, they keep their names. They hate pretty much everything- they once had a trainer, who they reported pushed off the top of Victory Road. They are blind, and that is another thing that angers them immensely. They are unable to evolve due to Zwei swallowing an Everstone, which hasn't digested apparently, and they refuse to have surgery to remove it because they trust no one. However, Lous believes that they lost the Everstone a while ago, but due to the fact that they're level 100, they can't evolve into a Hydreigon. The one thing they hate more than each other is everyone else.

The Heads

Zwei is the right head (left if you're looking at the two of them). Zwei is foul-mouthed, brash, arrogant, and rude. He is the instigator and loves to pick fights. He isn't as clever as his brother Lous, but he is definitely the stronger of the two. On Twitter, Zwei speaks with capital letters to show his strength and dominance, although Lous has said that only the weak speak loudly. Zwei is the one who ate the Everstone in a food eating contest, something that he vehemently denies. Zwei loves swearing, and he also loves biting or any other form of violence. While he is the louder and more confrontational of the two, Zwei is actually the more sensitive head as well. He has a soft spot deep (DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP) down inside of him. He is also a bit insecure about his blindness. Both of these traits disgust Lous, but Zwei usually just bites his brother when he gets annoyed.

Lous is the left head (right if you're looking at the two of them). Lous is also foul-mouthed, arrogant, and rude, but he is also clever. He is the brains behind the operation, and also the more sadistic. While Zwei will just curse someone out, Lous likes to find someone's sore spot and attack it mercilessly. Lous also implies that he was the first head, when they were still a Deino, but Zwei usually argues against this. Lous doesn't like physical fighting, so he leaves that job to Zwei. Lous speaks in normal type, as opposed to all caps like his brother, since Zwei forces him to. Lous is actually okay with this, believing he sounds more sophisticated that way. Unlike Zwei, Lous seems to be extremely cold with no sensitive spot- if he has one, it has never been seen. Lous despises the fact that Zwei has a soft spot, and often insults him because of it. If Zwei ever annoys Lous too much, Lous will just start snapping at him until Zwei backs off.


Hating, biting, arguing, fighting, and a bunch of other words.


Not much is known about their history as a Deino, as both heads claim that they were the original head, and give different accounts on what happened when they were a Deino. Zwei claims that they got in a bunch of fights, before proving they were the strongest, while Lous says that they grew up in solitude, growing meaner and crueller everyday.

They were eventually caught and evolved. However, Lous has said that they had an ruthless and demandng trainer who treated them harshly. Zwei and Lous hated this treatement and weren't going to take it, so they pushed their trainer off of the top of Victory Road in Unova. However, without someone to guide them, they got lost in the world around them. They travel to different cities everyday, causing more michief and maythem. Everyone seems to hate them, but the two of them don't care. They're just jealous. After all, two heads are better than one.