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My spoon is too big! D:
Species Kadabra
Age 17
Level 50
Types Psychic-type.png
Gender F
Home Wild Colony
Trainer Wild
Carrying Laptop
Nature Unspecified

Selena is what you'd call a bit of an oddity. Thanks to a rather terrible blow to her skull as an Abra, she had to virtually start over and re-learn everything - including her psychic powers, which she has done. She lived at Celadon University for two years until she left it to stay temporarily in a cave near Nugget Bridge. She keeps a livejournal, found here: - it is best to read this for faster updates on Selena's journey, and a real look inside her head.



Selena was born on May 12 to two Kadabra somewhere past Route 25. She is the youngest of three siblings - two brothers, and one sister, although she does not know of their whereabouts. She was always getting into trouble while awake. Not long after her hatching, her father disappeared and did not return. Her mother desperately tried to care for her children on her own, but Selena always made it incredibly difficult for her. Her favorite activity was to hide from her mother and fall asleep, waiting for her to find her - which of course, she always did. However, one morning, Selena crept away from her exhausted mother and teleported to the top of a particularly tall tree. Not being the best at teleporting (being last born, she learned it much more slowly than her siblings. Her mother's name is Isabella, while her father's name was Markus. She had a sister named Maryline, and her brothers were called Quasim and Ivan, respectively.

It is believed Selena was very jealous of her older sister, and thus acted out for attention. Quite the troublemaker, she hasn't quite lost this aspect of her personality. Her brothers were both killed during the assault on Route 25. She was especially close with her mother, who continued looking for her daughter long after she had disappeared, in spite of the others insisting that her daughter was gone. She has almost completely given up, however, some small part of her won't quite let go, and it's begun to bother her for a few months now..

Trauma and Recovery

Rather exhausted from the mental effort, she decided to take another nap. Falling into a rather deep sleep, she hardly sensed anyone coming until it was much too late. Already, the trainer had seen her, and Selena, finally realizing someone was there, panicked. Still being very young, she attempted to teleport, but being asleep, she hadn't remembered that she was actually in a tree and not on the ground, where she usually slept. Selena teleported, miscalculating her location and landed over a road. Too late to do anything, Selena fell, landing head first onto the road - from nearly twenty feet. Thankfully, the oncoming car had avoided her. It turned out to be a graduate student, and, horrified, he found that Selena was barely alive and quite battered. He brought her to the Pokemon Center, where she was kept in intensive care for a number of weeks. In fact, for about twenty days she was on life support. Her last week, she awakened, but she had no memory of her previous life - in fact, she could not speak. It was believed she may have lost all motor function. But Selena gradually improved, but it was unfortunate that she had to literally re-learn everything. The student that found her eventually brought her to his university - the Celadon City University of Science and Research. She was accepted into one of their programs, where she still remains to this day. She claims to have taught herself the common human language, and thanks to the extensive library in the college, this is very likely. She cannot speak it, but she can type it. According to Selena, she probably could if she tried, but she prefers the language gap. She also taught herself other human things, and currently resides in her own small dorm room.


For Selena, life had suddenly taken on a whole new meaning. She lived carefully, refusing to teleport anywhere. The other Pokemon she worked with managed to convince her to try again. However, nothing happened. She was unable to gain access to her psychic powers - what little she had. This did not stop them from working with her. Even though she could not learn what came naturally to most of her species, other methods were tried. Selena herself became much more physically active, developing muscle tissue and thus making herself slightly bulkier than the average Kadabra. Thanks to several students, other Pokemon, she was able to increase her level the 'hard' way. After nearly ten months at the facility, Selena finally evolved into a Kadabra. Pleased with herself, her confidence returned - but not her psychic powers. Disappointed, she has all but given up on the pursuit of what is supposed to come naturally to her.


One of the various programs taught to the Pokemon involved computers. Selena was one of the few who took it a step further. She became fascinated with computer programs. When the researchers discovered this they were more than happy to show her how to use a few programs - such as Photoshop, Paint, Microsoft Word, the Internet, and various card games. They probably could have refrained from showing her the Internet, but Selena became addicted to it. It became an outlet for her own shortcomings and a way to pass the time when she wasn't being dragged off. One such website was Twitter. She discovered that other Pokemon used it, although she did not join until some days later. She is very active, Tweeting frequently throughout the day. In the beginning, Selena used a computer in the library. However, she managed to sneak off with one of the computers in storage and no one has yet to stop her.


Selena first began trying to recover her powers on her own by watching internet videos on telekinesis. She has been doing so in secret, largely in fear of being discovered. She has been playing stupid for the humans at the University for a long time now and she's afraid they might change things if she shows them her powers. Her progress in learning was ridiculously slow, but she noticed that it was indeed starting to return - meaning they weren't totally lost. When WildKadabra_ agreed to help her train, she saw improvement almost immediately. Within a week she was already gaining them back, and went from lifting small pieces of paper to one, two, and finally three objects a few feet off the ground. It has increased her determination to succeed. Because of her increase in ability she has begun to have strange dreams, particularly about another female Kadabra that might possibly be her own mother. She has fragments of memories, which were much more than what she had before. Selena now spends about 75% of her free time meditating, while the rest of the time is devoted to hanging out with Ralph the Meowth and drawing pictures.

Hoenn and the Planned Escape

Selena took a short trip to Hoenn one weekend, and decided ultimately that it wasn't for her. She began making plans to escape after her return. Now Selena is desperate for her powers to return, because she knows she won't be able to escape until she can at least teleport. While Selena knows she can leave at any time, she also knows that it's dangerous out in the wild and she wants to be able to defend herself. Her plan is to check out Route 25, to see if the colony there might be the one she came from.

Memories and The Popcorn Incident

For some time her memories returned and soon she found that she had a name: Aurelia, meaning golden. She has not used this name, but she feels as though it is hers. Unfortunately, during a movie, Selena invited WildKadabra_ into the lounge to watch a movie with her. He choked on some popcorn, unintentionally causing a disturbance. Both of them were forced to flee, Selena taking with her only a few things. They returned to his cave, where Selena is currently finishing up her training. It was also here that she discovered the truth about his origins as well, and why he never returned to the refugees of Route 25.

The Return Home

Selena returned to the Route 25 colony upon completing her training, and reunited with her mother Isabella. She found that much of the remains of the colony had dwindled to nearly 30, the rest of which had been killed, captured, or dispersed on their own way. The ruinion was tearful, but Selena kept her promise to Telly. She and her mother brought together several Pokemon on his side - until eventually, they had most of the colony backing them. After some time, Telly was accepted back into the colony as well. She and Telly began forming a relationship, which began early in July. Now the colony is working together to restore itself to its former glory.


Selena is a rather complex character. While at the university she was sneaky, calculating, and even used many of the humans for her own purposes, she hid a much deeper side to herself. She "played dumb" as she called it - intentionally showing no psychic improvement and simply wagging her tail and acting like a puppy to earn the affection and attention of the humans, while inside, she was seething with disgust and rage. She desperately desired improvement, the return of her memories - and her psychic powers, which she knew she had before. Now that she has acquired a lot of these things, she has begun to rely on the humans less and less. Selena is actually friendly, but only considers herself close friends with a few, mostly because her trust is something that must be earned. She may not seem like a liar, but she's actually quite good at pulling the wool over nearly anyone's eyes. She would not lie to those she trusted, unless she believed somehow it was for the best. She is confident, but not that confident - and used to consider herself unfit for breeding due to her previous lack of psychic powers.

Unlike a lot of those on Twitter Selena does not mate. She's interested, but she says she's just waiting for the right moment. She's also said she was afraid of doing so, in the past.

Giving her narcotics or alcohol, rarecandy, etc. will turn her into a very friendly, affectionate 'horn dog'. She becomes the total opposite of herself, being very VERY affectionate to close friends. Once, Croagunk and Meowth had to drag her away from two Lopunny siblings that apparently wanted a threesome with her. It is said that she would've wholeheartedly agreed while 'under the influence'.


  • Tweeting.
  • Reading.
  • Meditation
  • Drawing.


  • Future Sight - A replacement for Psybeam and temporary move until she learns Miracle Eye. She uses it primarily against Dark/Ghost/Bug types.
  • Teleport - Selena exhausts easily after teleporting, although she can teleport herself between towns now. More than one person really tires her out.
  • Iron Tail - Replacing this with Recover was Selena's first non-psychic move. She is trying to balance herself out, and she just loves using this move.
  • Psycho Cut - Her strongest move. Selena can make a 'sword' out of psychic energy, and she's become quite good at this.


  • Telekinesis - Selena can lift just about anything of a a decent size, but nothing ridiculously large. She gets tired after doing this for awhile.
  • Communication/Manipulation of Sound Waves - By doing this Selena can 'speak' to a larger audience, using her own voice, and she can mimic others slightly. Spending so much time around humans has enabled her to learn their language. She still prefers her own.
  • Telepathy - She can communicate one on one with another, human or Pokemon. If she does this for awhile, her mind will tire out and she will resort to speaking in her own tongue.
  • Inner Focus - her natural ability that she was born with; it prevents her from flinching for the most part.

The Institution

The Celadon City University of Science and Research is a bit like a very small, private graduate school. It is located in downtown Celadon City, and focuses largely on science and research that has to do with Pokemon themselves. It has a single dormitory, and is occupied mostly by males. However, there are a few women there, and they are not to be taken lightly. It is not usually open to outsiders, except for the occasional tours they offer. According to Selena, both Professor Rowan and Professor Oak have given seminars here.


Out of those Selena has met she's encountered people that she considers acquaintances and friends, on Twitter as well as off. She is very selective about her friends, and will do her best to make sure that those on it stay on it, even if it means compromising. She would defend these people and Pokes with her life - and has in the past.

  • Croagunk: Croagunk scares the living bejeezus out of Selena. He wanders the dorms at night. He is disturbingly perverted, although he doesn't reveal a great deal of his own personality. He enjoys eating cookies, and back massages. In order to track down some evidence, Selena had to give him a back massage - with her tongue. She is amazed she is still living, and that she hasn't harmed him yet. He loves going to the club and is all too happy to take Meowth and Selena with him. Over the months, Selena has actually grown to like him. He's helped her train in her past. Croagunk has since left the university, working to sneak out several Pokemon in the process.
  • Meowth: This male Meowth is one of her closest friends. They found they both had a lot in common during a meeting and ever since have been hanging out together. Meowth loves horror movies and shiny things. He has a tendency to tear up Selena's ribbons. His human caretaker named him Ralph, although he doesn't like the name. He is very devoted to his human caretaker, and often has a difficult time choosing between getting in trouble with Selena or spending time with his human. Selena's loyalty to Meowth is unfaltering; while her powers were still emerging, she took on a much stronger Purugly in his defense. He has elected to stay as long as Abigail stays.
  • Abigail: Meowth's human caretaker. She accidentally found out about Selena's power development when Selena accidentally busted a hole in the wall via psybeam, which she shouldn't have been practicing in her room in the first place. She was Selena's neighbor while she lived a the university. She gladly kept the secret of Selena's powers, and has helped her in the past. She has taken Selena to Saffron City, exercised with her, and even showed her the mechanics of battling. Selena used to fantasize about being her Pokemon, along with Croagunk, but Abigail is now a scientist and rarely battles, and Selena believes she would be bored of that lifestyle. Abigail is 25 years old.
  • Telly Known as A_Wild_Abra, WildKadabra_, and now Alakazam_ on Twitter, he has been a great help to her in developing her psychic powers. He's the first of her own kind/evolution line that she's met since her accident, and believes she knew him before. She believes that she owes a great deal to him for helping to reawaken her psychic powers, and has since returned the favor by helping him to gain favor in the village.


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