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Yukiko Azumarill
-4 Azumarill Dress.jpg
A once proud girl now turned Azumarill in an experiment...
Species Azumarill
Age 15
Level 22
Types Water-type.png
Gender Female
Home Hoenn
Trainer Wild
Carrying Sea Incense, PokeNav, and 2 Heart Scales
Nature Unspecified

About Me

A generally nice and fun loving Azumarill. She does suck as a Pokemon and has admitted it. Yukiko, her name before a series of events went off to make her as she is, is generally reminiscent of her past and such... Try not to tick her off... It's not a smart idea since she can get type PMS from time to time, though rare... If she regains her human form, she wants to become a Pokemon Trainer... She dislikes the cold, yet like snow. One thing though, she loves chips but can't eat them due to a lack of fingers as a Pokemon.


At one point in time, maybe 3 or 4 years ago, Yukiko was actually a regular human girl, who, if you couldn't tell, really loved the Pokemon Azumarill. She would often dress up as such. At around the age of 11, she was connived into a scheme by an evil group (presumably Team Rocket but she doesn't remember) who then did an experiment to change her into a Pokemon, which was an Azumarill. After the experiment was a success, she could not return to her past form, and since then has been trying to look for a way to turn back to her past form. She's lost all gullibility from this incident and has become more of a question type person. She doesn't care who does it, but she wants to be a human again...


Rollout - Makes useful as a quick getaway move or to move across water fast.

Surf - Used to cross the water and fill anything with water. Can be used with the slightest amount of water in the area.

Waterfall - Can be used to climb waterfalls and anything else. Can double as Rock Clim also.

Defense Curl - To defend against attacks. Also used to beef up Rollout.

Dive - Only used for hiding in water.

Bubble - To obscure herself from view.

Double Edge - Strongest, yet most underused move. Used only if necessary.

As Of Late

As of late, Yukiko is trying to find a way to change back to normal, and has found a way to change back and is contemplating whether or not to change from a Pokemon back into a human. Also, she has become great friends with Shin Stages.