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3/7/2017: Lord_Empoleon Cleaned stuff up.

6/2/2011: Croconaw Here again. We're having more problems with spambots as of late, with these newest ones in particular creating new pages that spam links and images to electronic cigarettes. I'm doing everything I can to get the pages taken down and to block the offending accounts, but remember not to click the links on any of these pages, as we're not sure if they're malicious or not.

If you think I missed any spambot pages or spambot image uploads, link me to the file as soon as you can so I can have it taken down.

11/24/2010: Croconaw here. So some time late Tuesday night, a spambot somehow managed to register on the site and proceeded to vandalize as many articles as possible. A large number of articles have the text "This Page Is Currently Under Construction And Will Be Available Shortly, Please Visit Reserve Copy Page" on them, followed by a link to a questionable site. If you're browsing the wiki and see one of these links, DON'T CLICK IT. We're working on removing all the edits the spambot did, but any help would be appreciated.

As for the spambot, rest assured that we already banned the offending account, and the wiki owner (Amphy) installed a captcha on the account registration page. Since these stop 99% of spambots, this should prevent this problem from happening again.

11/21/2010: Croconaw Has now been added to admins. His only rule is to use the preview button constantly so the editing history isn't being clogged up and is kept neatly. I, pichu will focus more on the forums now. Thank you.