Shiny Wooper

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Shiny Wooper
Your friendly neighborhood shiny.
Species Wooper
Types Water-type.png
Gender Male
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Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified

This is Shiny Wooper. He was born on July 3 some years ago, and he... erm... happened to come out shiny. He actually hates it because he almost gets eaten by Sharpedos at least twice a day due to the fact that he does not blend into the water.

He tend to use Secret Power a lot, which causes several degrees of mayhem and chaos. He gets along really well with 1Drifloon, FierceTokioNeko, PKMNHiraku, Bushfire2, and kyuubiboy, and thinks Mantyke, _Zangoose_ and PorygonZed are hilarious.

Shiny Wooper enjoys Grunge, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock, and video game music. And also the sound of nature. Not the ocean, though, he claims that he hears that WAY too much. His favorite website is His username on most websites, including that one, is NightmareSnake.

He REALLY hates it when he's the one always getting caught. He has since learned never to trust people in red hats. Ever.

He has lived in a number of different places, including Tohjo Falls, Cerulean Lake, Sendoff Spring, and Viridian Gym. He now resides at FierceTokioNeko's house in Viridian.

Out of character he plays Pokémon Diamond a lot.