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Pope Slowking XIII
Chosen by the great Lord @Mewsus Christ to lead thee down the path of righteousness. Have faith in thy father Arceus and you shall be saved by the Holy Gengar.
Species Slowking
Age 13
Level 65
Types Water-type.png Psychic-type.png
Gender Male
Home Shamouti Island, Orange Archipelago
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified

As seen in the Pokémon 2000: The Power of One movie and the mini-sode Slowking's Day.

About Me



I apologize in advance for the length of this section. I feel that I should chronicle my journey as a Pokémon for all who are curious to read in as much detail as possible. I've had a fairly colorful past, being a one-of-a-kind Slowking.

Early Childhood

I grew up in the Slowpoke Well just outside of Azalea Town. It can be assumed that I come from a very large family growing up there, which is true. I have one brother, who has also become a Slowking, and is traveling Sinnoh with his trainer, Conway. To be frank, I think Conway is a very odd individual, and unsettles me a tad. But enough about that. When I was born, there was something genetically different about me from the other Slow-folk living in the Well. I had the ability to speak the human language. While my parents had tried their best to keep this special gift as secretive as possible, it was somehow leaked along the Pokémon Black Market. Note that by this time, I was only a month or so old, which, to put it in perspective, a year in age for my kind is about equal to 5 human years. Needless to say, once word of my gift got leaked on the Black Market, my life would never be the same.

Slowpoketail Incident

The first problems arouse not only when my gift was revealed, but also at a time when Slowpoketail's value skyrocketed in the Black Market. Whether or not, they correlated is unclear, for me at least, Pokémon aren't very adept in the world of finance. The first wave of incident came when Team Rocket came out of the shadows from three years of underground activity, to come and cut off Slowpoketails in order to sell them for a fortune. Those of us that were older and had evolved already were the lucky ones. Me and my brother, being so young, were our parent's primary concern for protection. In a desperate attempt to save our tails, our arenas each gave us a King's Rock. This would at least make a potential evolution occur much quicker than naturally, where we usually evolve into Slowbro at 7 and a half years old, or Level 37. the rest of our kin were extremely helpful to my family, knowing that my gift of human speech was most likely their target. They helped our family move into hiding at the bottom of the well. There, we tried our hardest Shellder-fishing in order to get on to bite our heads so that we may evolve as quickly as possible. After about a week of vain attempts, both my brother and myself got our bites, and thus we evolved into Slowking. Unfortunately, some of the younger members of our family weren't so lucky during the Rocket invasion, like my cousin. Her tail was cut and it was impossible for her to evolve into a Slowbro since she has no tail to Shellder-fish with. May her soul rest in peace... For some reason that I'm still unaware of, Team Rocket ceased their hunt for tails and finally left my home. Taking extreme precaution, my parents sent my brother and myself off to two different lands, where it would make it harder for Team Rocket to find the unusual now Slowking that can speak the human language. My brother made his way to Sinnoh where he soon met and partnered with Conway, while I myself went to Vermilion City in Kanto as a layover for my final destination.

Journey to the Sevii Islands

Two Island

Upon my arrival to Vermillion City, I was soon given information discreetly to stealthily make my way onto the next ship to Cinnabar Island, where from there, I would make my way to the Sevii Islands, where I would spend the next two years. My first destination was to Two Island, where the very kind elderly woman living at the Cape on the island took me in, after explaining my situation to her. She was unconditionally kind to me and helped me develop into a more natural-based, patient, and kindhearted being. She had a small library herself, which is where I got the incentive to study at Smogon University to expand my knowledge base. Of course, I wouldn't be able to go in person since the school was back in Saffron City, and I was trying to stay under the radar. Nurse Joy allowed me to proceed with my studies in the back of the Pokémon Center where I excelled in just about every subject except for my financial classes. They weren't very comprehendible for me, and since I was raised to live off the "fat of the land." Economy just wasn't something I was concerned with, and I still feel this way. After receiving my Associate's Degree, I concluded my studies there and felt that I should go off to another island where I could live in further isolation to decide for myself what I should be doing with my life. During my time here, the old woman and myself took occasional trips to the Berry Forest on Three Island where I educated myself in natural medicinal methods and became fond of the preference of natural medicines as opposed to conventional methods by humans. This could also be influenced by the fact that I was not human and was raised on natural supplements, but I digress.

Six Island

After an emotional farewell to the kind old woman on Two Island after two years, I made my way to Six Island and settled along the Ruin Valley. Here I found myself among fellow Slowpoke, and I found myself at great inner peace. They accepted me very openly into their population and here I took the time to master my Psychic abilities and maximize my potential. I also enhanced y physical abilities swimming up and down the Water Path several times before the sun rose every day. Like I said, here I was at inner peace so the positive auras around our little population was at a level where I thought that I could live here forever. After four years here, the Dotted Cave, located in the center of the valley, started to become a very popular spot for tourists and I could no longer t\physically and mentally train myself in the solitude that I needed. Another reason driving me to leave here was the fact that the Slowpoke population was very small and consisted mostly of males, who have gone out to mate in the four years I was here. Other Pokémon soon claimed our home and didn't understand what I was trying to accomplish here. In other words, the minority of us were eventually driven out, including myself. My experience here did not end on a positive note, but my time here was well worth it. It helped me realize myself and who I was as a Slowking, and why I was born. With news that the other Sevii Islands were becoming more popular tourist spots even in the offseason, I decided to travel to the nearby Orange Archipelago and see what that group of islands had to offer me.

Island hopping in the Orange Archipelago

Seven Grapefruit Islands

Since it is a fairly lengthy to swim westward to the Orange Islands, I stopped and rested at the easternmost island, which was the group of isles known as the Seven Grapefruit Islands. I did not stay here long; only to replenish my strength after the long swim and trying to map out my course for another island. After practically collapsing on the beaches the inhabitants here took me in openly as well. I had asked them where a good place to live peacefully with enough resources to sustain myself were, and they suggested Shamouti Island, where I would finally make my permanent residence. To clear up any misconceptions, I arrived at the Seven Grapefruit Islands three weeks before the incident caused by the gluttonous Snorlax, and I wasn't even aware what had transpired until about a month afterwards. I had only stayed on this group of islands for about two days before I set off island hopping.

Kinnow-Navel Island Midpoint

I only call it this because from what I understand, this island has no name as of yet. It should be mentioned that this island was to the west of Navel Island and northeast of Kinnow Island. Here, once again, I mapped out the next step in my island hopping experience, calculating that Cleopatra Island would be my last stop before Shamouti. Unlike my last stop, I only rested a few hours here before I continued.

Cleopatra Island

In my last stop before heading to Shamouti Island, I noticed after a walk around the perimeter that it was uninhabited. It would have been nice to stay there and live my life, but I fear it was also an island without any Pokémon population, which surprised me for such a large island. At least the island was full of berries and other necessities that I would need for the last leg of my trip. WhileI was here though, I did meet a Seel right after I left. He was a playful yet civil chap. We still get together for some underwater adventures on occasion.

Shamouti Island

The First Year at My New Home

In case you weren't keeping track, I arrived at Shamouti Island when I was around 6 and a half years old. Being 12 now, I have resided here for the last 5 and a half years. Unlike my other residences on different islands, a lot has happened in these few years. During times of peace, however, it has been a very serene and ideal place to stay. Within six months of my stay here, I have acquainted myself with the village people who inhabit this island, and familiarized myself with their culture, even though I lived mostly in isolation from them. Their prophecy of the three legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres and the Guardian of the Sea, Lugia, are actually found in the Pokébible, which I thought of as coincidence at first, but upon further inspection, this village was a population of a sect of the Mewsian faith. Until the events of their main prophecy transpired was I not a Pokémon of Mewsian faith. After seeing how much of their prophecy was evident, then I decided to become a follower of Mewsus Christ.

As an aside, if anyone is interested in learning more about Mewsus and the Mewsian faith, feel free to tweet me and I shall try to answer them as fully and accurately as possible.

As much as I would love to go into detail about the events that transpired, I'm afraid that it is a very lengthy discussion and could anger those who aren't fond of spoilers. Fortunately, the events were recorded and can be seen in Pokémon 2000: The Power of One.

The Next Uneventful Four and a Half Years

After everything settled down and became calm again, life about the island went on as it has in the past, peaceful and relatively uneventful. In order to further my dedication to my newly found faith, I decided to spend the next few years to build a shrine where I could honor and worship my Lord. I did not anticipate at the time that it would grow to become a splendid church, even though it didn't take the form of a conventional church. No, this one is more of a shrine with a small amphitheater surrounding it so that many people can gather under one belief. Plans are being made to make shrines in other areas.

Moving away from the seemingly boring religious talk, me and Lugia grew to become very close friends. He introduced me to Berry Juice, particularly from Old Man Shuckle. Might I say that this was perhaps the second best discovery of my life. Needless to say, I quickly became quite the connoisseur. Having tried other sources of Berry Juice, I find Old Man Shuckle's much better in quality. Whenever I do go to Johto, I always make sure to restock. On another note, Lugia has been one of the only Pokémon who has helped me tremendously during my life's journey, and for that I'm in his debt. I pretty much lived life day to day during these four years on Shamouti, occasionally interacting with the villagers and traveling to Johto later to visit my family again. Other than that, nothing major happened that is worth taking note of.

Annunciation to the Papacy

Nowadays, I almost never see Lugia around anymore. Which I can say is for the best, because he needs to watch over the seas just as I see over my little congregation here. For quite a while, I lived my day to day life on Shamouti Island. On December 7th, 2012, I had a divine revelation. The great Savior, Mewsus appeared to me in the form of the Holy Missingno. Completely taken by surprise and being subjected to a level of humbleness I've never felt before, He told me that He has chosen myself to be the Pope of all Pokémon. It's fairly obvious that I am indeed carrying out my Lord's wishes, spreading the good teachings of Him and the Pokébible to all. Now, before you shun me out as another religious lunatic, please understand that I do not criticize your beliefs, whatever they may be. Everyone thinks differently and follows their own path. My wish or my teachings is that all beings in this world can come together and live in peace and harmony. That being said, I feel comfortable with whatever subject you wish to converse with me about. You may try to sway me to believe something but it won't be successful. I'm just saying this in advance to avoid any troubles that may arise from this.

I hold teachings to the younger Pokémon and humans residing on Shamouti Island on a variable schedule and hold a mass service every Sabbath. All are welcome to either one of my services, without discrimination.

Final Note

And after this, I'm all caught up until the time I joined Twitter, which is where I'll stop for this article.

If you have any questions or anything of the nature for me, I do have an ask.fm account and you are more than welcome to speak with me about anything: http://www.ask.fm/PopeSlowkingX3\

Writer's Blurb

Just so others will know, I also run @Kadabra_Nyx and @_Sexybat if anyone was curious at all. No Wiki's for them though. Thanks for reading if you did. Keep calm and RP on! :)


I do have quite a collection of TM's in my library. Should the occasion come up where I need to use a certain move, I just replace it with another one that I can relearn. My main set is:

  • Psychic
  • Heal Pulse
  • Safeguard
  • Flamethrower