Lord Empoleon

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Lord Empoleon
Lord Empoleon.png
My defenses are impregnable!
Species Empoleon
Age 65
Level 100
Types Water-type.png Steel-type.png
Gender Male
Home Viridian City Gym
Trainer RocketMafia
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified



He was born from a union between a Lucario and an Empoleon. A relationship that was, unfortunately, very short-lived. One fateful night, not long after Piplup hatched, a trainer managed to capture both parents. Piplup managed to escape, but was traumatized. Unfortunately, Piplup was unable to simply leave the area. A group of tough pokemon controlled the area and would not let him leave. Braving the wild in hostile territory caused him to grow up very quickly.


As a Prinplup, he managed to gain enough strength to fend for himself. He left immediately after showing his strength to the pokemon controlling the area. He vowed to one day find the trainer that stole his parents from him. Years of searching and battling made Prinplup even stronger.


Empoleon became much stronger. But quickly discovered that simply fighting his way through the wilderness would not help him find his parents. Thus, he resigned himself to a life of study and exploration in hopes that one day, he'll find his parents.

Whirl Islands and Appearance on PokeTwitter

Empoleon's exploration brought him to the Whirl Islands, where he had heard a legendary pokemon resided. He knew the temptation of capturing a legendary pokemon would be too hard for a trainer to resist. Unfortunately, there were other trainers nearby content with a consolation prize. After fending off a swimming trainer, he picked up a waterproofed laptop and several pokeballs that were left behind when the swimmer fleed. The laptop was currently on a site named Twitter, with the last tweet saying "omg I'm gonna catch a shiny empoleon brb." Empoleon decided to open up an account of his own to try to get in contact with other intelligent pokemon. He was in contact with several pokemon living in Viridian City and decided to meet them.

Viridian City

Buizels and Croconaw welcomed their guest. Buizels wanted to visit his mother for mother's day. Croconaw and Empoleon decided to come with him. They made their way to the original home of Buizels, and were confronted by a group of rowdy floatzel. Empoleon, remembering what he faced as a Piplup, attempted to defend Croconaw and Buizels. Buizels, however, did not want a fight, so Empoleon complied. The rest of the visit was somewhat uneventful, but in the end, Empoleon was given a gift of Mystic Water. They returned to Viridian City. This was the point where Empoleon decided to stay at the Viridian City Gym.


Empoleon, having almost been captured before, wanted to find a way to avoid being captured by someone he did not trust. Therefore, he decided that the best way was to be captured by someone he could trust. He asked RocketMafia to capture him, and he complied. Empoleon would be linked to a dive ball from that point on and be immune to capture by others. Empoleon now fights other trainers who challenge RocketMafia for his badge in return.

Model X

Lord Empoleon with Model X

After being washed away by a tidal wave during a trip to Hoenn, Empoleon woke up in a sunken ruin near the Lake of Rage. He found a strange talking piece of metal that called itself Model X, and merged with it.

Abilities include:

  • Firing blasts of energy
  • Improved mobility
  • GPS and wireless internet

Other facts

  • Modified some Poke Balls to work on nearly anything. They are called Omni Balls. 4 are left.
Pokemon League Moves
Move 1 Surf
Move 2 Grass Knot
Move 3 Stealth Rock
Move 4 Ice Beam