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"My only excuse is that I'm trying. I don't know what else to tell you..."
Species Moonlight Pokémon
Age 3
Level 71
Types Dark-type.png
Gender Male
Home Everywhere, kind of..
Trainer Lyra?
Carrying Nothing
Nature Careful

"I'll keep trying until I amount to something. I-I don't care how long it takes..!"

H-hello! Uh.. gosh.. my name..? L-leo! And I'm an Umbre-- (no, don't say that. They already know.. that's dumb..) It's a.. pleasure to meet everyone! ..uh.. oh, you want to hear.. m-my story? Sure... I can tell you, I guess..


My mom and dad... kinda... left everyone to take care of themselves... which, I guess is okay sometimes.. and uh... yeah. I was not the best at it.. But, I didn't get eaten..! So that's good! And.. well. It wasn't easy.. I was just a little Eevee, and I knew I was easy prey. I don't know how I was so lucky.. but I made it long enough to see the moon that one night. And.. I was so amazed and... excited that there was something this beautiful out there, I... well.. look at me now! Hehe..! And.. uh.. that's kind of it, until I met Lyra.

Oh! Lyra! She's my human friend... even though we don't get to talk all that much. I like her a lot, still.. and then there are my best friends. Reika and Bijou. They are an Espeon and Sylveon! I've been traveling lots with Bijou lately. She's.. uh.. tons of fun. Hehe..


I'm a little shy, I guess. I wish I wasn't... but, I still manage to make friends... which is all I could hope for. I'm sort of dedicated too.. when it comes to working.. erm... I dunno what else to say..


Feint Attack



Double Edge


Other Facts