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A rock bug.
Species Armaldo
Age 26
Level 70
Types Rock-type.png Bug-type.png
Gender Female
Home Unova
Trainer None
Carrying Nothing
Nature Hasty

Isabella is an Armaldo. Her past is strange and stressful for her, but she's always striving to become better.


Isabella was born to a strict Armaldo father and Ditto mother. Her father was disappointed in her for her gender, as her species was commonly perceived as masculine. He would put her down on every turn until she finally evolved and found the courage to leave him.

Isabella took to being a rescue Pokémon after leaving her father, where she fell in love with another Armaldo, Arthur. By mistake, the two conceived a child, which caused tension and frequent fighting between the two. He left her, and when the time came, she left her egg, with a newfound bitterness for the world.

Following this, Isabella got caught up in a plot by a Rotom and Genesect bent on terrorizing Unova. Her involvement lead to her tearing up Pinwheel Forest, an action she now regrets. Tensions rose even further when the Genesect started to flirt with Isabella inappropriately. To her relief, the plot was stopped dead in its tracks when Cobalion destroyed Genesect's lab and body, though it left her without much of a purpose.

Isabella wandered, at one point harnessing an army of Galvantula in Chargestone Cave. However, this was brought to an end by an interfering rescue team, leaving her without many options left.

Fed up with her negative attitude toward the world, Isabella happened upon Forina, a secluded area in Hoenn, where she could start her life anew. She started to dawn a maid outfit, which helped her work on her anger issues and move past her unfortunate past. Shortly after, she became a maid for a sweet-loving Reshiram, but has since lost contact with her.

Isabella's maid outfit.

Eventually, Isabella met a Banette by the name of Stitch, who instantly became smitten with her. She was hesitant at first to let him in, but eventually found herself falling in love with him, at last making peace with the end of her relationship with Arthur. In return for accepting his advances, Stitch would frequently make plushes for Isabella, which she's kept for years.

With the help of a Ditto, Isabella was able to breed again, having a son named Alex. Though Isabella did her best to raise Alex, he became jaded with Forina due to its stance on violence and its restrictive nature. After years of living there, he set off, with tensions between the mother and son high to this day.

While Alex lived in Forina, Isabella took up sumo wrestling with the help of Anthony, a Dunsparce. During this time she bulked up her appearance to compete, but has since quietly left the sport due to fears of how it would affect her health.

Isabella would make a new friend in the form of a visiting Noviern named Cobalt. She became fascinated by the gadgets Cobalt would construct, and offered to be a test subject for her stun gun. The two promised to keep in contact with each other after she left.

Months later, Isabella tried to get in contact with Cobalt, but found that a stranger had her gear. Thinking little of it at the time, she later grew suspicious that she wasn't alright. She did have one lead though; Olivine. She traveled by boat to find her, relieved to see she was alright. She also came across Talus, an Alolan Marowak and another close friend of Cobalt; Winchester, a Blaziken and former guardian of Forina; and Vindicus, Winchester's mate. Fearing for Cobalt's safety, Isabella vowed to keep her safe wherever she went.

Isabella would later enter a fighting tournament taking place in Olivine's BrawlCenter. She lost in her first round to a Panpour, who Talus grew suspicious of due to the amount of questions she asked, which lead to extreme paranoia and blowing up at the Armaldo. When he calmed down, the two resolved to make sure Cobalt was never left alone through the duration of the tournament.

Tensions rose higher when Talus' fight resulted in him losing his bone. This sent him into a fit of rage as he blamed Isabella for the theft after she found it. This episode ended with Cobalt stunning the Marowak, then sneaking out of BrawlCenter while Isabella slept. Talus, Isabella, Winchester, and Vindicus searched for the paranoid Cobalt, who had lost her trust for the people around her. The four eventually cornered her, leading to a standoff where Cobalt paralyzed Talus. Luckily, Talus was able to disarm the Noivern and bring her back to safety.