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"Yup, That's me."
Species Pikachu
Age 14
Level 17
Types Electric-type.png
Gender Male
Home Hiraku's House
Trainer Wild (Pokeball Immune)
Carrying iPhone
Nature Unspecified

Hiraku is a calm, cool, and collected human that is an all around nice guy. He helps when he can, willing to do a favor for someone, but freaks out under pressure. As he started being with his pokemon more, he started to dislike human life. So, Prof.Green (by accident), helped him change that! After taking a few special potions, he used to have a machine in his possession that allowed him to change into 4 different types of pokemon (changeable by Prof.Green). Unfortunately, he spilled maple syrup on it accidently, and was temporarily stuck as a Marshtomp. He visited the professor, and was told to choose one form to stay in for the rest of his life, and chose Pikachu. Technically, he is a Pokemon, but is still a registered trainer. His pokemon are Lady Leafeon, Umbreon, Neurario, TokioNeko89, RyanTheBuizel, a Pidgeot, Shya, and, AlexThePikachu. He is happy as a Pikachu, but doesn't like to battle.

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Teenage Years

Training Pokemon

Studying Pokemon


Being a Pokemon

The Machine



  • Thundershock is near the same of an average Pikachu
  • Growl is a move he doesn't use much.
  • Tail Whip is something he does when he is bored.
  • Thunder Wave is not very strong, and sometimes doesn't work.
  • AlexThePikachu helped him learn Quick Attack





Wanting a change of pace for a bit, Hiraku wanted to see what the fire option was on the machine. After one of his most painful transformations, he turned into a quilava with a temper problem. He realized that Leafeon would not want to go anywhere near him, so he tried the Grass option on the machine.




Because of his parents enrolling him, Hiraku did go to a local Public School. He didn't stay for long, when he reached the age of 12, he went out to Oak's lab and got his first pokemon, an Eevee (later evolved into Lady Leafeon). He still reads books from time to time, and knows enough to get through life, but does keep learning new things.



Unfortunately, a week after giving birth, Hiraku's mother died for an unknown reason. His father never talked about her, and Hiraku never asked.


Being the only family figure in his life, Hiraku was close to his Dad. Fishing trips, Camping, and Vacations were a usually happened as often as they could. But Hiraku spent most of his time alone or with friends since his father was usually busy working. His Father's job is not known, but he is suspected to be a part of Team Rocket


Hiraku is an only child.


Hiraku is only 14.