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User:Pichu:So apparantly People have been having trouble setting up pages so this is what i'm going to do. Here's a Help Page to put Templates up in Human, Pokemon, and Plot Page.
so this is what you have to do

Choose a Template

if you didnt think about it, this is a wiki. go steal peoples code and have fun with it. just make sure you dont edit their page because well you dont want an angry person on the interwebz right? :D but now that your here you can get the code

Stats Layout

because user:jolteon2 insists and its really cool, this has to be on every page. thankfully its really easy. just copy and paste it at the start of your page and change what needs to be changed

|twittername=YOUR TWITTER NAME
|typebg= Insert original type here

name: add your name... duh
image source is the name of your image for example pichu.jpg

for help in pictures go to Pictures

twittername is just your twitter's username
typebg is your first type of your pokemon

for example: pichu's is electric and charizard's is fire

type1 is your pokemon's first type and must go in {{ }} brackets

this must be written as {{Electric-type}} for an electric type pokemon and 
will look like this Electric-type.png

type2 is your second type

once again follow the previous rule but you must include type2= in your code so it doesnt get 
all messed up

caption is your one line bio from your twitter page
level is your pokemon's level
item is the item your pokemon is carrying
home is your home... once again duh haha
age put your age...*sigh*
gender Male, female, NONE *gasp*
species what type of pokemon you are haha

thats it for now