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Murkrow Header.png
The name's Bombbird. Don't wear it out. Attack my Trainer and I will kill you. That's all.
Species Murkrow
Age 17
Level 55
Types Dark-type.pngFlying-type.png
Gender Male
Home Nuvema Orphanage
Trainer 'Charles'
Carrying Blackglasses
Nature Hasty

A Murkrow who speaks in a rough voice but is hyper-protective of his owner.


Bombbird usually speaks in a punk-like tone, with not a care for the world and anybody but his owner, Charles. To Charles, he is very fatherly because he knows the physical and mental limitations his owner has, and he tends to be very patient with his tone. He is curious by nature and tends to badger others with questions if he wants to know more. Just like all Murkrows, Bombbird loves shiny things and often steals them. However, he gives them to his owner rather than keep them for himself. His current obsession is looking for someone to Heart Swap with.


Not much is known about Bombbird, but it is known that his wing was shot by hunters. It is hinted that Charles had saved him and Bombbird is staying with him to repay his momentous debt. He stole a 'power gem' from the Emolga Crepe and gave it to his owner, the effects of this currently unknown. He is also annoyed by Spade, another Murkrow whom he insists was kicked out of its pack. However, Bombbird is still impressed by Spade's skills, though he wouldn't admit it as of now. He built a nest for Spade, after it was revealed that Spade had no idea how to. He often accuses Spade of having to 'baby' him, and it upsets him that a Murkrow doesn't know how to be a Murkrow.

He visited a cave with many gems, bumping into the Metang Lucian. Lucian saved his life after the cave collapsed, and Bombbird grabbed a small bag filled with gems from the cave. He dropped one of these, causing a ripple that transformed Wade and Aether into babies. After this, he met the Haxorus Sci, accidentally hitting him with the gems from his broken satchel. Surprisingly, this transformed both Sci and Bombbird into babies, and Sci became an Axew. They scuffled briefly, before Bombbird found the star-shaped gem. He realised that by rubbing it he could transform any Pokémon into babies, and back. Being the prankster that he is, he now obsesses over making Legendaries babies.

Bombbird also exchanged some gems for a gem that allegedly turns others to stone. While Bombbird has no interest in trying it, he keeps the gem around in case he needed it.


  • Bombbird's name is derived from the black Angry Bird in the application 'Angry Birds'. This also hints at the fact that Charles may be a fan.
  • The handle 'SuperLucked' is the ability of Super Luck, which Murkrows may have and alludes to Bombbird's brush with death.
  • The account was created on 4th May, 2013 and averages about 5 tweets a day.