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Heart of a warrior!
Species Blaziken
Age 23
Level 71
Types Fire-type.png Fighting-type.png
Gender Male
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified

A warrior-type Blaziken, training often. He knows how hard is too hard to push himself and takes some breaks, walking through Kanto often and visiting Viridian.


As Torchic

Blaziken was born as a result of his trainer breeding two Blaziken. His trainer had decided to become a co-ordinator, and wanted a new Torchic to help him. However, he soon saw that this Torchic was no contest Torchic. He had the spirit of battle in him. Disappointed, the trainer released him into the wild.

As Combusken

As Blaziken


Blaziken prefers Fighting type moves over Fire type moves.


  • Sky Uppercut
    • A favourite move, and trained almost excessively. It is often used to gain altitude when gliding through the air.
  • Vacuum Wave
    • Learned from a move tutor. This still cannot be controlled well.
  • Brave Bird
    • Another favourite move. Often used in combination with Aerial Ace and Sky Uppercut to move through the air.
  • Superpower
    • Learned from a move tutor.


  • Aerial Ace
    • Learned from a TM. This is often used to begin a period of gliding, for the initial lift past jumping.
  • Blaze Kick
  • Focus Energy
  • Mega Kick
    • Taught self through observation and practise.
  • Ember
  • Flare Blitz