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I'm too old for this.
Species Abomasnow
Age 69
Level 87
Types Grass-type.png Ice-type.png
Gender Male
Home Saffron City
Trainer Mountain Climber (deceased)
Carrying Laptop, Old Pokeball
Nature Unspecified

Abomasnow is an old fart yet Rambo-like dude that used to live near Snowpoint City. He now lives in Saffron City, working his stew shop whit his former trainer's granddaughter.

Inactive Message from LanceThePikachu

It appears Abomasnow Dude is no longer on Twitter.

A Personal Message from Snoweh

Nah I'm here lurkin'.


In his whole life, many things have happened to him. Some good and some bad.

Before Twitter

Abomasnow was caught by an aging Mountain Climber as a young Snover. He was the climber's only Pokemon, so he was used for every battle. Sadly, a few years after his evolution, the climber died of old age. Aboma kept his Pokeball and moved into a cave near Snowpoint to live out his days. Then one day, the granddaughter of the climber brought him a laptop, starting his twitter days. Getting on twitter, he found many other people like him, Pokemon that is.

Twitter Adventures

The Ariados Invasion

Aboma, peaceful as he maybe, was forced into battle during his first days on Twitter. He encountered a Giant Ariados while on a walk, and was forced into battle. This was the first of many in the "invasion." After awhile, they seemed to vanish, yet made random appearances. During the invasion, he befriended a Pidget.

Death of a Sibling

See The Death of a Sibling Page for info.

The Dusknoir Encounter

See The Dusknoir Encounter Page for info.

The Ultimate Stew

One day, Aboma found his old trainer's cook book. Looking through, he saw a recipe for "the ultimate stew." Seeing that is used all the ingredients as his Arctic Magikarp stew and tomato soup, he decided to make it. He then noticed that he needed a rare berry called a "Treeka Berry." He consulted Lord Empoleon to see if he could give him advice. He informed Aboma that they could be near Pastoria City.

Finding them and going back to his cave, Aboma asked AwesomeAmpharos to cook him up some tomato soup. Some days later, Pidget brought the soup to Aboma, and he proceeded to finished "the ultimate stew." Once finished though, wild Pokemon from the forest assulted the cave and Abomasnow retreated to Kanto, where the stew fell into the hands of Ampharos. After escaping the hord, Aboma was attacked by the Ariados Queen and knocked him out. Croconaw led him to a Pokemon Center the next day.

The Power Up

After training with Croconaw, Aboma fell into the Ampharos Hole and was attacked by alien plants. Oddly, there power was absorbed by his spines and he become taller and more powerful. The once 8 foot giant was now 10 feet tall. Due to the power, his Solarbeam and Soul Punch turned into Hyper Solarbeam and Hyper Soul Punch. Around this time, Pidget evolved into Pidgeotto.


After staying with Charizard and Croconaw for awhile, Furret come to "talk" to Croc. Snoweh stopped Croc from getting to Furret 3 times. The final time had Snoweh hyper Soul Punching Croc three times. After regaining himself, he returned to Snowpoint to go into exile. The next day, Croc and Buizel came to Snowpoint to find him. Snoweh has fallen into insanity, which resulted in Croc soul punching him to death. Croc left and tried to forget about what he had done while Bui buried the dead body. Though he came back to life later thanks to his alien DNA.

The Stew Restaurant

After going to Saffron for a bit, Snoweh noticed that the people really enjoyed his stew. So, an idea sprung in his head. He talked with his former trainer's granddaughter, and he discovered that she was planning on moving to Saffron City anyways. After awhile, she finally bought a building, and opened the Stew Restaurant.


Ice Punch

  • Ice-type.png
  • The green part of his arm glows bluish-white and then he punches the foe. Tends to work well on anything, though it won't freeze the foe.

Ice Beam

  • Ice-type.png
  • A light blue ball forms in front of his hand OR a light blue ball forms in front of his mouth. A light blue beam is then released out of his mouth. Is used to freeze things in place.


  • Ice-type.png
  • Abomasnow fires an icy wind filled with small snowballs at its opponent. He tends not to use this much, preferring his pinpoint accuracy with Ice Beam.

Hyper Solarbeam

  • Grass-type.png
  • Abomasnow absorbs sunlight onto his large back 'spines' and fires a blue beam from his mouth. It turned hyper when he was attacked by glowing plants in AwesomeAmpharos's Hole.

Hyper Soul Punch

  • Grass-type.pngFighting-type.png
  • Abomasnow channels a Hyper Solarbeam into his fist and punches the target.