Zura the Zubat

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Zura Zubat
Species Zubat
Age 21 Months
Level 15
Types Psychic-type.png Flying-type.png
Gender F
Home Hoenn
Trainer Wild
Carrying Everstone
Nature Unspecified


Zura is blind, like all zubats, and she gets around with echolocation. She can also confuse foes with her high-pitched squeals, though usually she squeals in emotions, not defense. -- "Zubats are mostly nocturnal, forming colonies in perpetually dark places and hanging upside-down when asleep. When they awake, Zubat will constantly swarm around caves during the nighttime. Zubat avoids sunlight and bright places because prolonged exposure to the sun causes its body to become slightly burned, and otherwise causing it to become unhealthy." -- For a while this seemed not apply to Zura, as she seemed to love the sunlight and day. Since the disappearance of Hiro, she's become more reclusive and quiet, losing whatever it was that made her shine.

Childhood (Current)

Not much is known about her childhood until the point where she accidentally came crashing into Hiro's window.


It is known that both her father and brother are dead. Her Mother lives in Dewford. She has a brother named Zeke.

Conflicts & Friends


She was constantly causing trouble, small childish things. Breaking glasses, drinking things she wasn't suppose to, hiding in the microwave, ETC. Now that he's gone she sticks to herself. She tries her best to be kind to others but most of the time she avoids interacting with other creatures, especially humans. She still loves Hiro but she is bitter.


Tobi was once her partner in crime and her only friend. She would've went along with anything he says. She had a small crush on him, though she didn't really realize it.


Her little brother. She hasn't been seen interacting with him much either. He's as mischievous as her, so she has to be the adult in many situations, which she doesn't like.


Zura calls Hiro her trainer even now after he's gone, but it is uncertain how or if she was ever even caught by him.


  • Supersonic
  • Bite
  • Toxic
  • Wing Attack