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Yukiko Azumarill
-4 Azumarill Dress.jpg
Changed from girl to Pokemon and back again...
Species Human
Age 15
Types {{{type1}}}
Gender Female
Home Hoenn
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Unspecified


Yukiko was, and still is to a lesser extent, a gullible person. As a result of this she was changed int an Azumarill. Spending years in this form, she found such a way to change back into her normal self again. Right now, Yukiko has found a Pokemon, a Skarmory, and with said Pokemon roams around, not often in one set place. She has thought of becoming a Pokemon Ranger in the future. Beware, however, taking advantage of her kindness or anything of the such will annoy her, and it's not that smart to anger her...



Twinkle was Yukiko's first Pokemon, one that she was assisted in catching. Being a Steel/Flying type Pokemon, Twinkle is Yukiko's main mode of transport, as of late she is the strongest Pokemon Yukiko has. Twinkle has gotten stronger and can do long flights. She is now afraid of Lightning due to a sudden storm. She if of LVL 30


Colt was Yukiko's second Pokemon and is her main mode of transport on land. Colt's useful to her, not only by being a fire Pokemon and keeping warmth on cold nights, but it's able to cross though magma and has long stamina, for long travels. It can go through deserts. He is of LVL 24


Boap was a hard found Feebas. He has hope on him to evolve into a beautiful Milotic. The name was chosen at the last moment, and as a rsult, Boap doesnt really know his name too well, but all the well, he is still hoped to evolve. He is of LVL 20


Megnet is a fairly recent Pokemon of Yukiko, having been found to make her team a full 6. It's a Magnemite, that if very fond of draining electricity. It is of LVL 22


Nanurtop is a Boltoy from the deserts for Rt 111 in the Hoenn. Yukiko knew him from when she was training in the deserts. Nanurtop wasnt actually caught, just that he had taken a Pokemon and gotten himself caught. He is of LVL 28


Divi is a small little Eevee that was obtained from an unknown source. It knows a wide range of attacks. Currently, he is the weakest Pokemon, being level 16