Young N

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Natural Harmonia Gropius
You only liberate once.
Age 12
Gender Male
Home Unova
Pokemon captured Zorua

N Harmonia (nicknamed Young'N) is a young boy who resides in a well-hidden castle overlooking the entire Unova Region. He originally came from the forest, being taken in and raised by the forest Pokémon.


Young’N is incredibly open to others, but it sometimes shy, depending on first impressions of the person. He’s polite towards others, calling them “Mister” or “Miss”. He loves reading books and shows a huge interest in trains and its mechanics. He often does “experiments” with his train set, from switching train tracks to making the train move in different directions and different speeds. However, even though he has a fair knowledge of trains, mechanics and Pokémon, he is naive about the outside world. The outside world meaning what lies beyond the castle property.

Today, Young'N realizes that he is growing up rather quickly, as well as his voice deepening. This may hint that he will soon leave his childhood antics behind and start taking responsibilities as soon as he reaches his teenage years.


  • Zorua - Young'N's first friend he made when he lived in the forest. The two seem to be inseparable as they always play or read together. Young'N describes Zorua to be of a Hasty nature.
  • Purrloin (befriended) - Young’N befriended a “stray” Purrloin. However, the two were not on good terms when they first met, as Purrloin often scratched his face when he got too close. After giving him a collar with a Soothe Bell attached, he became more friendly towards him. According to Young’N, he loves eating battered Basculin. Purrloin was later taken away by the Shadow Triad.
  • Rockruff - When exploring the castle, Young'N found a Pokémon Egg that was locked up in one of the basements. He and Zorua took care of the Egg and once it hatched into a Rockruff, he remained loyal to Young'N, often never leaving his side. It has been mentioned by him that Rockruff and Zorua have a friendly rivalry.


  • Young’N calls the Team Plasma Grunts “pawn people”. (Since their uniforms seem to resemble pawn pieces.)
  • Young'N is very conscious about his health due to him being underweight.
  • Young’N likes watching My Little Ponyta, but is not considered to be a Bronyta. Considering the obvious fact that he is too young to be called one and he is not “obsessed” with it, unlike a certain someone. The reason why he likes the show is because of the message it conveys.