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"Rawr! I'm in your mirror!"
Species Dusknoir
Age 17 (14 as of death, 3 years since death)
Level 32
Types Ghost-type.png
Gender Female
Home Sinnoh
Trainer Wild
Carrying Laptop
Nature Impish

Recent Tweets

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  • Ice Punch
  • Confuse Ray
  • Shadow Sneak
  • Pursuit

Short Bio

Veronica is a bubbly, playful Dusknoir who loves to cause mischief wherever she goes. Some would say she should have been resurrected as a Gastly, though her apparent lack of common sense points to the likes of a Rotom.
It is apparent that Veronica had been human prior to her death, as she seems to enjoy many traditionally human pastimes such as playing computer games and various musical instruments. She has also attempted to sing on many occasions, though every attempt so far has resulted in deafness or insanity in all in earshot.
Veronica is extremely trusting of others and is easily taken advantage of - a detail which has gone unnoticed by many due to her personality being overshadowed by her fearsome appearance. She still hasn't seemed to notice that many dislike her.


  • Music
  • Playing Piano
  • Playing with humans/Pokemon
  • Pulling pranks
  • Possessing random objects
  • Screaming
  • Making friends
  • Scaring humans/Pokemon by acting as a poltergeist
  • Belue Berries
  • Crossword puzzles
  • Dancing around like the idiot she is
  • Phasing through walls
  • Going on adventures


  • Receiving commands from the Spirit world at inconvenient times
  • Anything with an extremely dry taste
  • Snobs
  • Materialistic people/Pokemon
  • Rules
  • Being overworked
  • Romance novels



Veronica calls many different Pokemon and some humans her friends, though few think of her in the same way. She appears to be completely unaware that those who are kind to her are only doing so out of fear.


TeraDyne Ezeri (Perceived as enemy)


Veronica's had a few boyfriends, just as most Pokemon her age have.


Musically-gifted, mid-to-severe range autistic private school student Veronica Hilton was only fourteen years of age when she was found dead in her Veilstone City home, having succumbed to a heavy dose of cyanide which had been mixed into a Nanab milkshake. The motive behind her murder was unknown, nor was the perpetrator, though it was known that Veronica was disliked among her peers for being incredibly annoying.
As her death was neither self-inflicted nor particularly gruesome, Veronica was immediately resurrected as a Duskull with the only trace of memory of her past life being her given name.