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358Chimecho Dream.png
Dingy ding! Diiiiing~
Species Chimecho
Age 16
Level 28
Types Psychic-type.png
Gender M
Home Hoenn
Trainer Wild
Carrying Colbur Berry
Nature Unspecified

Windy is a Chimecho who currently lives at the Berlitz Mansion in Sandgem Town, Sinnoh, with the trio of Diamond, Pearl, and Platina. He also watches carefully over Plusle and Minun.

In truth, not much has been revealed about Windy. He lived on Mt. Pyre after he was separated from his parents and sister at an early age, and fended for himself until meeting Pearl, who was going into the Distortion World to rescue a friend. Not one to stand by when others are in trouble, he volunteered to help; and all of them escaped safely. He later became an internet.


Psychic: Powerful Psychic-type move. Best of the moveset.

Shadow Ball: Covers his bases. A good, solid Ghost-type move.

Charge Beam: Will sometimes increase Sp. Atk. Electric-type.

Psych Up: Steals status boosts. Situational, but effective.

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