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A warrior a bit past his prime
Species Blaziken
Age 28
Level 80
Types Fire-type.png Fighting-type.png
Gender Male
Home Forina
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Relaxed


Winchester is an older Blaziken who bears a very muscular disposition. Due to Forina's policy against fighting he tends to train every day instead, leading to him keeping his muscled figure rather easily. His feathers tend to be ragged at times, mostly due to him having an aversion to taking any sorts of baths. Due to his years of fighting on the mountain he has somewhat of a bad leg. Too many blows against it will cause him to collapse as a result.


When Winchester first arrived in Forina he came mostly to escape his father as well as find new opponents to fight. The guardian, Vincent, managed to easily whoop his ass. From there Winchester came to see the Forinan mindset of peace, and decided to give the place a try. During his time in Forina he has accepted having a less busy lifestyle and instead wishes to keep the peace. He does miss fighting, which causes him to leave from time to time, but he never fails to return. He is quite an easy fellow to get along with as well, given that he enjoys meeting with new visitors. He figures that if he can reform to Forina's standards, then anyone can.

In regards to his friends and adopted family Winchester will defend them to the death. Given his strength and endurance he is not one to back down from any challenge. He is one of the few in Forina who is battle ready.


Winchester grew up near Forina on the mountain Chimney. Winchester's family lived with other fire and rock types on the mountain and participated in yearly battles where the winning family would rule the mountain for a year. Winchester's family always won, mostly due his father's insistence that the children constantly battled to get stronger with every day that passed. Winchester left the mountain after being fed up with his father's attitude and moved to Forina. Upon arriving Winchester was amazed that such a place could exist. Upon meeting the various residents he came upon another guardian, Jordan the Breloom. Seeing that Winchester was having a bit of a hard time adjusting Jordan tricked him into swapping bodies with Sanviara, a small Cherrim. The event proved almost Disastrous as Winchester almost ended up losing his identity, truly believing he was Sanviara. Thankfully he was changed back and remembered his true self.

A while later Winchester came upon two new arrivals to Forina, that of a Braxian and a Totodile who he took up under his guidance. That same Braxian was rebirthed as a Fennekin by the name of Gawain. Later on the Braxian managed to be rebirthed in a new body, later going by the name Ivory. Around this same time Winchester took an abandoned Poochyena under his wing and named him Tenebris. Proclaiming them his sisters and brother they remained in Forina for some time, but being the young people they were his sisters eventually departed to new lives in the outside. Tenebris remained to become head guardian of Forina.

Also while in Forina Winchester met a visiting Flygon named Vindicus who he grew smitten with. The two bonded and eventually went through a mating ceremony to become mates. While incapable of producing eggs the two still enjoy time together.