William Doh Matsuki

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William Doh Matsuki
Only those powerful enough to sustain them are worthy of darker secrets.
Age 34
Gender Male
Home Lake of Rage, Johto
Pokemon captured Agnes (Typhlosion), Reuniclus, Malamar, Xatu, Slowking, Musharna, Starmie, Bronzong, Claydol, Leighton (Espeon), Alolan Raichu

William Doh Matsuki [Based on the Johto Elite Four Will Itsuki] is a Psychic-type Pokemon specialist and a member of the Johto Elite Four. William's name is derived from the canon game and manga character Will. "Doh" is Entei's ancient name, and "Matsuki" means "light, or holy one."


William is roughly about 6'4" in height and about 130-140 lbs, making him appear very thin and lanky. Unlike the canon character Will, William does not wear the traditional canon game attire. Instead, he is seen in jeans (usually straight-leg light-wash denim) and either a casual top (such as a v-neck) or his preferred button up oxford shirts with the sleeves rolled to his elbows; left untucked for casual purposes. To keep traditional, William is always seen in some article of clothing that is purple, whether it be his shoes or his shirt. In spite of the change in clothing, William continues to wear the black masquerade mask that made Will notable in the games and manga. Regardless what he is wearing or where he is, the mask stays on. The only times William is seen not wearing the mask is when he is sleeping or showering.

William's notable features include his long, thin fingers and his previously mentioned tall and lanky figure. His skin is relatively pale, but his lips are a surprising popping pink, which clashes against his complexion. Other noteworthy characteristics include his purple eye color, and his shaggy-like purple hair.


William is very proper and dignified, as well as tidy and precise in his hobbies (which include reading (usually philosophy), gardening, and being an avid chef). Quiet and refrained, William is incredibly intelligent and prefers the quiet of his study, however on occasion he has been known to enjoy a game of soccer with his housemate Gregory Sikes Blackwall. He is a charming and rather classy man, polite and well well groomed, and well mannered. And although quite a stickler and incredibly well collected, William has a soft and loving soul which is plagued with a guilt he believes he may never overcome.



Although being well known for his speciality in Psychic Pokemon types, William took a great liking to Agnes upon first meeting her, eventually catching her (as a Typhlosion) and becoming her trainer. Being a reserved, and often solemn individual, being Agnes' trainer sometimes proves to be a task. Her playful and childish mannerisms often counter William's bland and less-than-peppy ones, making the two a suitable ying-yang pair. Agnes adores William, and always refers to him as "Master," telling anyone who will listen that he is good, and smart and kind.

Gregory Sikes Blackwall

Gregory, in contrast to William's quiet and bland mannerisms, is rather jubilant and eccentric, and often pokes fun at William for being boring and dull. Since moving into William's estate, the two have formed a less-than-open sexual and intimate relationship. Outside the bedroom, however, it may appear that William and Gregory don't get along and often bicker with each other. Despite their clashing personalities, Gregory and William have a strong friendship and always support and aid one another.



  • William ended up teaching Agnes Thunderpunch after she developed a bout of illness in Nimbasa brought on by the static of the heavy sand streams of the Desert Resort on her fur coat.
  • William ended up catching Agnes in an Ultra Ball, however Agnes doesn't like to be withdrawn into it. William keeps it on hand, but he allows Agnes to remain outside of it unless necessary.
  • William's noteworthy psychic abilities include knowing every past and current event as it happens in real time. He also has physical psychic abilities that take on a purple color. These physical abilities allow him to have limited combat experience, in which he is moderately skilled.
  • William emphasizes on Psychic-types, much like his canon gameverse counterpart.
  • William's handle is defined as "famous phantom/specter."