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Wartortle f.PNG
Species Wartortle
Age 2
Level 18
Types Water-type.png
Gender Male
Home Viridian City Gym
Trainer RocketMafia
Carrying iPhone
Nature Unspecified

Previously iamrattata, but was changed into a Dragonite by Prof Goldski. He was changed again into a Squirtle and then evolved. Hangs around the Viridian Gym and other places. Dislikes and distrusts most trainers and Poison type Pokemon, due to negative experiences. Likes partying and socializing, except with family. Was briefly female during the Major Gender-Bend. He wanders around outside a lot, and is bored easily.


  • Water Gun
  • Bubble
  • Surf
  • Aqua Jet


As Rattata


Rattata grew up in a very large family group. Along with his mother and father, his nest held 50 of his siblings, 78 of his aunts and uncles, 21 of his cousins, and 23 of his nephews and nieces. The rest of Rattata's family has always wanted him to evolve and stay with the group, but he had other ideas. He liked himself as a Rattata, and vowed never to evolve. He made his goal to become strong without evolving and without help from his family, and told them this. He left the family to explore and grow.


Shortly after finding Poketwitter, Rattata found himself lost. A wild Abra had accidentally taken him to a mysterious island using Teleport, then left. While on the island, Rattata faced angry bug Pokemon and was poisoned by a Weedle. He slowly recovered from the poison, but found himself with almost nothing to eat. He decided that it would be best to swim off of the island. While in the water, however, he was chased by an enraged Tentacruel. Rattata quickly came up with the idea to ride on the rampaging Pokemon's back. They soon crashed onto the shore, and Rattata took a boat back to Vermilion City.

Viridian City

Rattata found the Viridian City Gym during a party. He returned for the birthday of Croconaw and Linoone. While on a walk, he was abducted by his family and brought back to the nest. Umbreon and Buizels helped him and took him back to the gym, where he's spent a lot of his time.

As Dragonite

Rattata's strange combination of an ego and an inferiority complex led him to want to become something awesome. He heard about Prof. Goldski's research attempting to essentially switch the bodies of two Pokemon, and decided to be the test subject. He was turned into Dragonite with little problem. He quite enjoyed his newfound form.

As Wartortle

Prof. Goldski soon informed Dragonite that due to a substance used to induce evolution prior to the switch, Dragonite's aging was accelerated and he would be close to death quite soon. He decided to give up being a dragon, and became a Squirtle. He was warned that this was the last time he could change. Squirtle was close to evolving, and decided he wanted to become and stay a Wartortle. He battled Croconaw and won, then evolving.