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Species Sharpedo
Age 32 in his own terms
Level 40
Types Water-type.pngDark-type.png
Gender Male
Home Around Pacifidlog Town
Trainer Wild
Carrying Soothe Bell
Nature Quirky

An annoying and loud Sharpedo who enjoys antagonising others who put him through distress but is generally kind at heart.


Wade enjoys quarreling with others, and meat in general. He hates humans and calls them 'bipeds', with scant regard to them and their existence. He likes to quarrel with Aether, who has tried to eat him more than once in frenzied hunger. Wade has lost many friends from the acts of humans by polluting the waters around his house, and Wade has stated that he has even 'swallowed' a tyre by accident. He wants to start a family and have a lot of Carvanha, stating that his love interest would probably be a Gorebyss. Wade loves attention to himself and has beached himself on many occasions in order to chat with other Pokémon like him.


All that is revealed about Wade is his large age of 32, which he insists are on his own terms. Wade has mentioned his parents on occasion, stating that they were caught by humans fishing off the coast of Pacifidlog Town. Wade does not move around in a pack, atypical of his species. He maintains that it was because he wanted to see the world and hence left on his own accord. He also revealed that he has a Soothe Bell for some reason, and nobody has asked afterwards.

Wade joined Samiya Castle, becoming a guard for the castle grounds. He has had a bad run-in with an aggressive Huntail and Croconaw, who had entered with an illegal fishing rod. He and Croconaw antagonise each other for the sake of it, even to the point where Wade begins thinking it might be flirting. He did reject Croc when he asked about it and is still unsure whether the Big Jaw Pokémon was, in fact joking. He also joined the Swapathon, turning into Vincent the Flygon as his choice of being a dragon.

Currently Wade is the guard of Samiya Castle with a newcomer Lapras, sharing a love-hate relationship with her.

Baby Plot

Wade was caught up by a glittering rock falling into the sea, effectively turning himself and Aether, the Aerodactyl he antagonises into babies. Wade became a Carvanha, and they played briefly as friends until they returned to normal. Wade has no recollection of what happened and he also does not know that the transformation will be triggered when he and Aether meet each other.


-Wade has met many characters in his travels, which include Koza who left after being frustrated by Wade's incessant quarrels with Aether.

-Wade's handle of TrollingShark is an allusion to his loud and brash personality, similar to his quarrelsome and destructive species.

-Wade's writer jailed themselves on the first day of writing for him- they tweeted 150 times within an hour.