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Volkner Denji
Diamond Pearl Volkner.png
Age 20
Gender Male
Home SunyShore City, Sinnoh
Pokemon captured Raichu, Electivire, Jolteon, Manetric, Lanturn, Luxray


Volkner, as seen in D/P/Pt and the manga adventures.

Volkner is the Electric-Type Gym Leader of Sunyshore City, in Sinnoh.

His previous ways in approach to his work was lazy and laid back. After being defeated by children from Twinleaf Town, he realized that his ways of slacking off were taken into a different concept, and now he strives to be the best Gym Leader in Sinnoh.


Volkner is considered to be the most powerful Gym Leader in the Sinnoh Region. Volkner specializes in the Electric-type- outside of his Gym Leader duties, he is usually found in his Gym- fiddling with some sort of electronic equipment. Other times, he's renovating his Gym, at the Battleground, or bickering with other fellow Leaders- in a sense- most of the time found arguing with Gardenia.

Volkner grew up with his fellow Sunyshore friends;

Flint - Volkner's best friend and childhood rival.

Cyrus - Volkner's childhood friend. Volkner shares a close bond with Cyrus, and is always showing concern for him.


Volkner is considered to be close to his fellow Leaders, Elites and his boss, Cynthia.

Although often arguing, or even fighting with his fellow League Members of Sinnoh, he does show a compassionate side, too, often towards his best friend- Flint, Gardenia, although they show hatred at times and Roark, who Volkner considers to be a close friend, too.