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Everyone's eyes are on me...
Species Rabbit Pokémon
Age 21
Level 55
Types Normal-type.png
Gender Female
Home Unova
Trainer Wild
Nature Adamant

Viviénne (nicknamed Vivi) is a Shiny Lopunny who travels all over the world due to her modelling career. She was born in Sinnoh and is now currently residing in Unova.


In front of cameras and other "important people", Viviénne appears to be sweet and preppy, often flirting with others and complimenting them, up to the point where her Cute Charm activates. She uses her Cute Charm to take advantage of any situation. When off camera, she is very condescending. When nobody is around on the set, she has the tendency to release her anger by punching the props.

Similar to any other Lopunny, Viviénne is a "bunny model" and makes a living on the runway. However, despite her talent for modelling, she secretly wishes to be a boxer like her father (a Hitmonchan). In secret, she practices her punching, in high hopes to become stronger and to prove to the others that there is indeed "beauty in strength".


Father (Hitmonchan)

Like most Hitmonchans, her father was a famous boxer who secretly taught Viviénne how to fight and defend for herself, especially since her "set path" was for her to become a model like her mother. The relationship between Viviénne and her father is a really close one as they share the same interests.

Mother (Lopunny)

Viviénne's relationship with her mother is quite distant as she always disagreed with her mother when it came to deciding Viviénne's future. Despite their quarrels, Viviénne's mother always wanted what was best for her, which according to her, was having Viviénne live a sheltered life where no harm or threats would be able to reach her.


Mimi is another Lopunny that lives with Viviénne's family. She is Viviénne's older cousin and is also a model. Not much is known about her but Viviénne has mentioned that Mimi chose the wrong path and that she wasted her potential to become a great fighter.

Mimi's real name is unknown (however, it is speculated that her real name is Miyuki).


  • Viviénne's birthday is on November 17.
  • Viviénne's moveset is Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Drain Punch and Agility. Her ability is Cute Charm.