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Clearly a tame bundle of fluff.
Species Eevee
Types Normal-type.png
Gender Male
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Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Quirky


Vee is your run-of-the-mill Eevee; brown fur and all. His tail is a bushy bundle of brown with a cream-coloured tip--this colour matching only the furry collar of his. At exactly one foot high, this average Eevee can be described as short, with his brown eyes, long pointed ears, and small black nose being his key features.

As with the majority of Eevees, Vee can be found mostly in cities and in towns, whether on the outskirts or alongside humans. Although he can be described as "wild," he only ventures out in the true wild to meet others.


Vee is just as naïve as the nearest newly-hatched Eevee, although he is far from that age. His ignorance in certain topics stems from the fact that he was not exposed to the typical interactions a Pokémon would normally encounter during those times. He can be rather childish at times, often digging himself in that "little one" description even further with his slang.

He cares almost instantly for those that will give him the same respect he offers, and will almost always initiate a pawshake--regardless of the region. Though it seems that he is hot-headed and always ready to start a fight with those giving the wrong impression, he is typically easy to dissuade.