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Buck McDonald

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Buck in all his glory

Buck Aberforth McDonald currently resides in Sinnoh. Buck's Pokemon party consists of his Umbreon, Claydol, Dusclops, Magikarp, and several others that have not yet made appearances in his many mischievous plots. He is outspoken and often capitalizes everything, and can be found voicing, "IT'S BUCK, BITCHEZ!!" He can often be found in his Magikarp Mountain Theme Park. He advocates for the welfare and respect that Magikarp so greatly deserve.

Family and Friends

His brother, Flint McDonald, is one of the Elite Four in Sinnoh. Buck is an advocate for the McDonald's Fast food Franchise, in support of his father, as well as his brother Flint -- AKA Ronald McDonald.

Flint's most notable achievements are his afro hairdo, flip-flops year round, and being an Elite Four member. As many people have said, "Flint looks like a pansy when you first meet him, but when you get around to battling him, his Infernape is a bitch."

There have been rumors about Flint's sexual orientation, which Flint claims are all false. Buck, however, takes a stand on the situation and has frequently said that,"Flint is fruitier than a fruit basket."

The two brothers do not have very much respect for one another. However, at rare moments, their brotherhood truly shines through. In moments of peril, Buck can be seen standing up for Flint, or Flint coming to Buck's rescue. Their devotion to making plays using only rocks also seems to be genetic. The two do not seem to have much in common other than the fiery red hair and eccentricities, although Buck is more profound in that area of expertise.

In their younger years, the two lived in Sunyshore City, where Flint and Buck met their eternal friend, Volkner Denji. The trio both acquired their "eeveeloutions" at about the same time: Flint's Flareon, Volkner's Jolteon, and Buck's Umbreon. It serves as a mark of their childhood and friendship. Even now, in more mature years, the three are often entangled in fiascoes and awkward situations, many of which are caused by none other than Buck. Through it all, they remain true friends, aiding each other through their journeys.

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Buck and Brother with Magikarp Egg
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Buck at Photoshoot


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Buck at the Salon
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Buck's Cooking

Buck, a supposed treasure hunter, would much rather spend his time tending his brother's garden and caring for his Pokemon. He enjoys dancing in his glittery spandex in his free time, and serves no major purpose. Buck is only there for entertainment/abuse purposes. He finds enjoyment in the performing arts, and is known for his spontaneous dancing and singing. Buck is also an expert in the area of Magikarp, teaching their lifestyles and greatness to those who only know Magikarp as "pathetic" or "weak", even going as far as to say that they are "useless." On this subject, Buck states,"IT IS A SHAME! EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW OF THE GREATNESS OF THE MAGIKARP! AS I OFTEN SAY, IF YOU DENY YOUR MAGIKARP BEFORE YOUR FRIENDS, HE WILL DENY YOU BEFORE HIS HYPERBEAM. HE WILL F*CKING KILL YOU WHEN HE EVOLVES. RESPECT THE MAGIKARP! MAGIKARP MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND!..."

Buck can often be seen harassing others, such as his brother and his brother's lifelong friend, Volkner. He also has many other random victims, who can be, but not limited to: Gold, Proton, Lambda, and Clutch. I mean, Butch.

Notable Achievements

Buck's most notable achievements involve the protection of Magikarp, as well as the accidental infiltration of the Rocket Hoenn Base. After an ingenious, yet accidental accident that left Spinarak scuttling about, Buck left the Rocket base in a mess, as well as the Executive Lambda tearing his violet tufts out. The event has permanently scarred both Buck's and his former manager Lambda's resumes in the most severe way. As a result, Buck had no choice but to create his own corporation. In mid-July, Buck McDonald teamed up with a trainer from the Isshuu region, Nezumiiro, to produce the world's first ever Magikarp protection theme park. The park promotes the welfare and proper treatment of Magikarp. The park became a huge success within the first few days of the opening. The partners are extremely proud and happy to have done such justice in the world of Pokemon.

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