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Staraptor who flies to various places!
Species Staraptor
Age 17
Level 56
Types Flying-type.pngNormal-type.png
Gender M
Home Anywhere!
Trainer Wild
Carrying Leftovers
Nature Unspecified


Staraptor is a friendly Pokemon, who tries to help anybody he can in any ways he can! Feel free to stop by and say hello!

Team Swift

Team Swift is an anti-criminal group that Electrike_, along with MegaWartortle, created. The team basically stands for all that is good and can somewhat be considered a direct opposite of Team Rocket. Currently, the headquarters is in Jubilife City in the Sinnoh region. Staraptor asked Electrike_ if he could join, so he had to take a few tests and he was welcome on the team.


Currently, Staraptor has only been known to use four moves.

Fly - The first move that Staraptor used after evolving, he helps people out by using it.

Steel Wing - His most used move. Anytime Staraptor needs a move that is powerful and good to use to get out of 'sticky' situations, he uses it.

Close Combat - Rarely used, he only used it in battle against Trainer_Naru

Aerial Ace - The rarest that Staraptor uses.


Staraptor has a few nicknames given to him by other Pokemon;

Star - Electrike_ gave this nickname to Staraptor and now it is the most commonly used nickname for Staraptor.

Big Bird - Given by Riolu_, sometimes he says it when he tries to play with Staraptor.

Bird brain - Given by Delkitty, generally only called this nickname by him.