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The Author

Hello! I'm Kbludoh, also known as Liskus or Pod. I'm brazilian and one of the younger generations of PTRP, starting in April 2017. I have a preference in engaging in plot heavy, story-driven RP, mixing elements of action, drama, mindgames, slice of life and whatever I can to make my characters and my cores as complete and deep as I can. This might sound a bit overwhelming, but it really boils down into 'imagine all of my characters are part of a cinematic universe, and I treat each one as a TV series.' Eventhough I do have this preference, I still am open to do most things. As long as we can have a story going, I'm happy.


Active Characters

Zollner "The Amethyst" (@AmethystPebble) - a shiny female Zoroark. Former professional thief, currently works for Helios Rescue Team with Liskus (NPC), Loomie (NPC) and Fyliara (NPC)... Or so she claims. She’s a prankster who always nicknames those she meets, but great at her job and will get things done when needed.

Cobalt Priston (@ToolsAndGoggles) - a female Noivern. A talented inventor and engineer who lived a mostly sheltered life, she’s traveling around the world seeking answers after receiving a mysterious letter from her long missing father. Naturally curious and highly misinformed when it’s not math, physics, chemistry or botany.

Gulidius (@ProwlingPearl) - a male Golduck. Part of the P.R.O.W.L (Prospective Research and Opposition Watch Line-up) black budget division of Black Pearl Industries, he specializes in industrial espionage, opposition research, acquisition of important subjects and elimination. Smart, intelligent and disciplined, he does whatever it takes to complete his task.

Dembé (@DatBeBadMojo) - a male Archeops. A revived Archeops fossil with a mysterious past and dubious intents. Roams the world as witch doctor/shaman, selling curses, trinkets and black magic to those willing to pay.

Merak (@PrepperBaren) - a female Ursaring. A survivalist expert, she was hired to assist Onyx’s (@DeepSeaOnyx) expedition in setting up and running their camp and managing their resources. Albeit bossy and cranky, she does everything with a good heart. Settled in an archaeological site north of Cerulean Cape, Kanto.

Theodore (@GhostlyMailmon) - a male Haunter. Assists Pearl (@PsychicMailmon) in their mail delivery service. He also follows and protects her, eating her nightmares to keep her volatile psychic energies from running out of control.

Khakkhara (@RoarlessScales) - a male Kommo-o. A pet from a rather cruel family when still of a young age, they made him go through a devocalization surgery to suppress his constant growling and roaring. Rescued by Alabaster (@Triabaster) from an illegal cockfight underground circuit, He’s been roaming the world looking for purpose.

Stakataka (@StackedHive) - also known as UB-Assembly. Tossed into our world by mistakenly crossing a wormhole, it roams around the world seeking more Stakatakas to grow and become stronger.

Barbra S. Sands (@HereIsBarbra) - a female Flaaffy. A rising star from the Pokémon Contest circuits, she’s a new contestant who’s raised both in ranks and in popularity lightning fast due to her outstandingly beautiful and brutal style of combat. Extremely confident, she’s dead set into building an empire for herself of fame and fortune, counting with the help of her “trainer”/manager Jeremiah (Zoroark, NPC)

Inactive/Deleted characters

DeBUG 168 (@DeBUG168) - DeBUG #168, an artificial intelligence built inside a military grade Ariados robot. Initially tasked with protection of military intelligence in an abandoned laboratory, an incident set it off in a journey to find its creator.

Koi (Deceased) - a male Magikarp. It was raised by Drokkozz, who wanted him to grow into a proud and strong Gyarados. It ended up venturing too close to Tesla (@Magneflux) and became her meal.

Drokkozz - a male Garchomp. A pokémon who lost everything, he exacted his revenge upon everyone who had any involvement to his family and his former home. With his objective done, he took Koi under his fin, raising him as a way to occupy himself.


Black Pearl Industries (BPI) - A private military company with close ties to several governments, their true agenda is a mystery to all of those outside the Director's Board. While they employ good PR and maintain good appearances to the outside world, their methods to acquire more power and their methods of advancing their own technology behind the scenes are ruthless, merciless and uncaring.

Torvald Priston (NPC) - A renowned scientist and inventor who has gone missing.