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Ashley "Ashy" Amaya
[[Image:‎ ‎AshyAmaya.png|250px]]
Ashy Amaya
Age Nine
Gender Female
Home Cherrygrove, Johto; Snowpoint, Sinnoh; Sunyshore, Sinnoh
Pokemon captured Torchic, Togekiss.

Ashy is the younger version of Ashley Amaya. She is referred to as "Ashy" as a way to differentiate between the two.



Ashy's history up until the age of eight is precisely the same as Ashley. One day after her school let out, Ashy found herself waiting patiently for her grandparents to pick her up. Time passed, and no one arrived. Unbeknownst to her some form of time flux had caused her to essentially appear in the future. She found her own way home, only to see that her house was burnt to a crisp, and her grandparents nowhere in sight. The home had been burned down by her older-self, Ashley, whom at the time was a incognito member of Team Magma. In a fit of desperation, Ashley had her friend Miles find Ashy and take the child to Alex to look after. For a while Ashy lived with both Alex and Ashley in Snowpoint, Sinnoh, until Ashley left to have her own adventures. Recently, Alex has joined Ashley, and Ashy has been left in the care of Cyrus and Grey, in Sunyshore, Sinnoh.


Alex Cena

Alex (an Ice-Type Trainer from Snowpoint, Sinnoh) has been Ashy's caregiver since her arrival in the current Timeline. She looks to him as a father, or an older brother, and of everyone she's met in this time he is her favorite.


Ashley is Ashy's older counterpart (aged 21). She left Ashy in Alex's care for a long time before choosing to live with them and aid in Ashy's guardianship. However, despite essentially being the same person (or, sisters), Ashy is less fond of Ashley than she is Alex. They seem to push the other away, leaving a lingering tension between one another, despite their efforts.


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Main team
Togekiss.png Togekiss: Toge [Female;]

Toge was Ashley’s first Pokemon, given to her by her grandmother. She is extremely sweet, happy, and childish, and loves food. She also enjoys hugging faces, and flying around an individual’s head until they become quite dizzy. Ashley left Toge in Ashy's care recently, as the Pokemon serves best as a companion than a battler.

Torchic sprite by nasukeuchimaki-d4611c9.png Torchic: Tiki [Male;]

Tiki was caught by Ashy with the aid of Alex. He is her first and only true Pokemon (Togekiss essentially belonging to Ashley), and she loves him dearly. Tiki tends to sit upon Ashy's shoulders or head, remaining ever at her side during any misadventures.