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”Hey, I’m a nice guy!”
Age 34
Gender Male
Home Confidential
Pokemon captured Weezing Zoroark Drapion Honchkrow Seviper Weezing

Petrel (Japanese: ラムダ Lambda) is a Team Rocket Executive. He is a master of disguise, and once tricked the entirety of Team Plasma, as well as the Trainers from Aspertia that he was an undercover Plasma. After the plan for Goldenrod’s Radio Tower were thwarted, he traveled to Hoenn, and later Unova.


Purple hair, purple goatee, average body type. Petrel usually wears the assigned Rocket uniform, unless he is in a disguise.


Petrel is very laid back, and has been known to help the protags from time to time, with simple gestures such as lending the Johto Trainer the Basement Key after being defeated. However, he has a very different side to him, that is conniving and evil.


Petrel has had many minor flings (most of them for the sex), yet has had few solid relationships. He’s currently interested in Clair, who sees right through his antics.


Petrel joined Rocket as a 20 year old. He was a failing actor, who wanted more. He wanted to see the world with his Koffing, as his father had. Petrel’s expert knowledge of disguise and illusion soon caught the eye of Giovanni, who promised Petrel all the things he dreamed of, in turn for joining Rocket. The road to achieving this wasn’t easy for Petrel, and it wasn’t until a few years later, around the time Red began his journey, that Petrel became an Executive. His first big operation was in the Pokemon Tower, where he disguised himself as Mr. Fuji, tricking Red into believing that he was in danger, while Rocket transported the real Mr. Fuji safely to work on the Mewtwo project. Later, he was seen at Silph Co, where he had fallen asleep on watch duty, granting Red access into the company. After Rocket disbanded the first time, Petrel returned to acting, perfecting his disguises. About three years later, he was approached by Archer. After this, Petrel remained in Rocket, handling operations mainly outside of Kanto and Johto.