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Sitting next to Hiraku.
Species Umbreon
Age 4 months
Level 35
Types Dark-type.png
Gender Male
Home Viridian City
Trainer Hiraku
Carrying iPhone
Nature Unspecified

Umbreon is basically a teenager. Loves to eat, hates being told what to do, and is sometimes an ass, but has been nicer recently due to Nuel ,and ShinyPersian

However, he likes helping Pokemon from time to time. He believes in Christianity, the human's biggest religion. He always carries around the iPhone Jolteon2 found. For a short while he was a nice, innocent Eevee. Unfortuatly, a game with a friend changed that. He likes hanging around his friends in the gym, and is usually called "Pup". Umbreon isn't a fan of stealing, or killing. He also doesn't like water that much. When it comes to food, he'll eat whatever a human makes, or what Buizels makes. Berries are a good snack.

Recent Tweets

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In the Egg

Before Eevee was born, Jolteon2 and Lady Leafeon fell in love. One night, they carried things a little too far. A week later, the egg was laid. At the time, they stayed in the Virdian Gym, thanks to Buizels letting them stay. A few weeks later, the egg was hatched.

As Eevee

After he was hatched, Buizels gave him a bunch of berries to eat. This was his favorite food when he was very young. The next few days, Sir Drapion kept making attempts to eat the young eevee, but didn't get even a nibble. His parents were very protective of him.

One night, Lady Leafeon got lost, and Jolteon2 had to find her. Eevee was left in the control of Buizels. At that time he trained with his "Uncle" and improved his skills. After this, he spent much more time in the gym, than with his family. During that time, he also got to stay at Delia Ketchum's house for a day. When Jolteon2 and Lady Leafeon came back with PKMN Trainer Hiraku, Eevee stayed with them. After a week of playing with him, (as a human, and as a Pikachu) Eevee was almost caught by a unknown trainer.

Instead of talking about his problem with his parents, he went to Buizels. Eevee told him how terrifying the Pokeball was. Buizels said the only solution was being caught by PKMN Trainer Hiraku. A couple hours later, Eevee belonged to Hiraku. While hanging at the gym, Eevee became good friends with Nuel, and She even gave him a ride/ saved his life. Also, Houndour gave him a lesson on how to live in the wild.

Eevee's Evolution

More information on the plot page: Eevee's Evolution
As the ghosts came out at night, Eevee kept hearing about "sex" and no-one would tell him what it was. He would soon find out. Banette even gave him the nickname "Pup.". One night he was hanging with his friends. All of them had to go except for himself and Sarah the Eevee. Since they were bored, Sarah showed him how to play a game. Without knowing it, They had sex, and "Pup" evolved due to happiness. They both fell asleep, and Sarah disappeared.In the morning, Umbreon went home. When Jolteon2 saw his son, he did not know what to do, but to ground him. However, in Umbreon's room, the window was left open, and he made his way to the gym, disobeying his parents. As soon as [Buizels] found out, Pup was aqua jetted home. Since he had no idea why he was punished (He didn't even know that it was sex,), he asked Lady Leafeon She was more linent with him, only allowing him to stay at home or the gym for a week. For most of his punishment, he stayed at the gym, where a few new pokemon awaited.

As an Umbreon

The next few mornings, Umbreon was not used to his old sleep schedule. He woke up very groggy and cranky. Umbreon begged for someone to use Rain Dance. Croconaw informed him that if Umbreon wanted rain, Umbreon could do it himself. Pup looked around, and he found out ShinyMeowth had some extra TMs and one of them happened to be rain dance. Unfortuatly, he does not know how to use this move to it's full extent.
More information on the plot page: Rattata's Amnesia
When Rattata lost his memory, instead of helping, Umbreon decided to have a bit of fun. He convinced Whiskers that he was a Nidoking, and had to go destroy town everyday (and the village was expecting it, or else the gym would be set aflame.). Whiskers started running. Buizels was in hot pursuit of the little rat while Umbreon stayed at the gym, laughing his ass off. This plot started to show how evil Pup could be.
More information on the plot page: Umbreon drops the L-Bomb
That night, Umbreon went up on the roof of the Viridian City Gym with Nuel for some star gazing. She had just finished her TwitterDex page, and Pup read it. He was shocked on how much she went through. When Umbreon heard that she was still part shadow pokemon, he kept asking her to let Buizels help her. Eventually, she refused him so much, he told his only secret, that he loved her....

A New Love

More information on the plot page: Buizels vs Umbreon


  • Very Quick to Dodge
  • A very strong Tackle
  • Helping Hand is not trained very well.
  • A decent Tail Whip
  • A Sand Attack that usually gets in the opponent's eyes.
  • He has used Pursuit very little.
  • Quick Attack is his current attack of choice.
  • Rain Dance which he uses every morning to hide the Sun, so it doesn't hurt his eyes.


While he was an egg, Jolteon2 went to check if the PokeSchool for Eevees was still open (Explanation on Jolteon's page) . Unfortuatly, it was closed due to the Piloswine Flu. Lady Leafeon took over the job of teaching him. She taught him basics, and he was a fast learner. With in a month, he knew how to type english on the iPhone, and joined twitter (with the account his parents made). He knows about human activity, move effectiveness, and a bit on technology. He could also take care of kids.



(Lady Leafeon) When he was young, Pup was very close to his Mom, and he would like learning something from her everyday. Yet, as he grew older, he spends less time with her. But, he will still go home for family fun night.




Umbreon has no siblings.





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