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"I got a crazy sniffer and volatile backside. And my name's Tytus! Or... Ty! Or... whatever ya want, really."
Species Fire Mouse Pokémon
Age 1-
Level 10
Types Fire-type.png
Gender Male
Home Unova!
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Relaxed

"I ain't the brightest bulb o' the bunch, but that don't mean I ain't got a ton o' potential!"

Well, howdy neighbor! The name's Tytus, but y'all may call me Ty if'n ya prefer it. I ain't got a lot to say 'bout myself, but I can certainly try ta tell what I do have, if yer willin' ta hear!


I 'spose the beginnin's a bit hilarious, but it ain't a lot. I was born in some human dwellin' somewhere, with a guy named after a tree. They fed us purty well, but we were told we were lookin' to be taken by human youngins at some point in time or another. That didn't sit the rightest with my two friends, so we all began workin' together to bail, and sure enough, we found a way! Granted, it may not have been the wisest decision, considerin' we wasn't too long past the teat, but somehow I'm managin'! I dunno how the rest of 'em are farin', but I can only assume the best! That aside, it wasn't long after 'til I met a darlin' little lady by the name of Beech who's been causin' all sorts of mischief with me. Of course, I mean that in the best possible sense.

I have a few other friends I've made here and there, but I ain't the surest on what to think of 'em yet. I 'spose only time will tell, eh?


Askin' me to describe my own self like this seems kinda pushin' it, but I guess I could say I'm mild-mannered on most occasions. I don't see why there's no reason not ta be. What's the point in gettin' upset over everythin'? I'm afraid I don't get it.







Tytus doesn't have any prominent differences from the common Cyndaquil. The most obvious, if in any way at all is his slightly shorter and more rounded snout, which almost causes him to look like a miniature Quilava. The fire plume on his back is usually quite dull, due to his relaxed nature. He also walks with a bit of a hobble, solely due to his offset bodily make-up.

Other Facts

He was born on December 12th

His favorite food is Chili con carne

The only thing he doesn't get along with are Nanab berries. They upset his stomach.

His ability is Blaze