Tyrone The Quilava

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A young Typhlosion
Species Typhlosion
Age 9
Level 50
Types Fire-type.png
Gender Male
Home Unknown
Trainer Wally
Carrying N/A
Nature Bashful

Basic Information


Tyrone is a shiny Typhlosion. He is about the same size as any other Typhlosion you'd meet, nothing special about that. But, because of a birth defect, he is incontinent. So he wears diapers. His paws are incredibly dexterous. He can grab just about anything a human can with them, all without an opposable thumb.

Personality and Behavior

Tyrone can be nice, or shy, depending on how well he knows you. Behavior and personality when he first meets you is obvious. He's quite shy and will just about run off the face of the Earth if he could to avoid you. But, if you open up to him and get to know him, the shyness goes away. Once the young Typhlosion gets to know you, he's quite nice and playful, a sign to his meager age of two. He loves to play around with his friends. If threatened, Tyrone lashes out, igniting the fire on his head.


AS OF 18/8/2014

1) Thunderpunch

2) Flamethrower

3) Ember

4) Dig

Character Development


Tyrone hatched without his parents. Because of this, baby Tyrone changed his fur color genetically to help his real parents find him. They were taken by Team Rocket and killed three days before he hatched, but Tyrone never knew. He searched for them whenever he could until he gave up after a year. He lived as a rogue for the next year of his life, searching for food and water whenever he could, and visiting the humble town that he lived nearby. He always got what he wanted because of his cuteness, and everyone in town grew to like Tyrone, a Cyndaquil at the time.

Recent Past/Present

Currently, Tyrone lives in a small home built over the cave he once lived in, still near the town that loved him. He has a large family, with many members that love him. He is currently being trained by Wally. He's found several ways to keep himself strong, including learning Thunderpunch early. For the most part, he is happy, supporting a family and a lovely girl. Not much to it here.

Miscellaneous Extra Information

Tyrone loves Pecha Berries and playing video games. His favorite game systems are the X-Box 360 and the Wii U.