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This is a list of items that you should keep in mind while on PokeTwitter, so it's still fun.


  • Do make sure that you use the proper method to reply to other users. This is done by using @ and then typing their username without any spaces (Ex: @Croconaw hey, how are you feeling today?)
  • Do use common sense. If you think the tweet you just typed out is going to upset or offend someone, don't submit it.
  • Do use OoC: or just use ((parentheses)) to talk out of character.
    • Do avoid using OoC as much as you can--DMs are an effective way of communication, and we also have a group Skype chat! Ask anyone!
  • Do avoid using action stars if you can. Implications work just as well! And don't be shy to ask for somebody's MSN or Skype (or to join our Skype chat!) to discuss your in-character actions to make the implications work better.
  • Do check with other people before doing anything drastic involving their character. This involves any sort of relationships. Direct Messages are a preferred method.
  • Likewise, Do send someone a Direct Message if they're doing something drastic like that that you don't like, rather than ignoring it or trying to tip-toe around it in-character. It gets confusing.

Do not

  • DO NOT GodMod. (Ex.: Say goodbye. *you fall to your doom and die. No way to escape*)
  • DO NOT twitter during sex.
  • DO NOT fix a spelling error. (Unless it is major or you rewrite the entire tweet to do so, deleting the first one)
  • DO NOT use multiple Tweets to write one sentence. It's understandable that you may need to use two Tweets on occasion, but if you're finding yourself to use three or more constantly, consider rephrasing your sentences. (This includes making multiple posts of only a few words in quick succession)
  • DO NOT make posts along the lines of "Is anyone on right now?". Not everyone is on Twitter 24/7, so be patient when waiting for a response.
  • DO NOT purposefully instigate drama and try to make people fight. This is okay if it's in-character and everyone agrees, but no attacks on players themselves will be tolerated.
  • DO NOT talk out of character for long amount of times. Taking it to a Direct Message, the IRC, or anywhere else is much appreciated.
  • DO NOT protect your updates. It prevents other people from seeing anything you post unless they're following you.
  • DO NOT self-promote your sites or causes. Nobody likes being bothered with information about your YouTube channel, Myspace, GPX Plus eggs, etc.
  • DO NOT use the same Hashtag (the # symbol) multiple times in one post in an attempt to get something into Twitter's Trending Topics. Twitter is programmed to actually count this AGAINST a hashtag if it's spammed.
  • DO NOT take yourself so seriously. PokéTwitter is, generally, not a serious place, and you shouldn't treat it as such.
  • DO NOT reply to more than one person in the same tweet.
  • DO NOT have sex or do anything sexual on Twitter. It's really sad that we actually have to say this because it happens so often. Imply it if you have to, but don't do it on Twitter.
  • DO NOT bring your weird fetishes onto PokéTwitter. Yes, this has happened before (mpreg) and we don't want it to happen again.
  • DO NOT make whatever OC you happen to bring onto Twitter Belle's cousin, or Wallace's girlfriend, or Lance's sister or any of that. Likewise, don't just be like "remember that one time that we..." if you don't know the person you're talking to. Ask before you do anything like that.