Trainer Serris

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"New Pokétch? Awesome!"
Age 16
Gender Male
Home Twinleaf Town
Pokemon captured Salamence, Garchomp, Blissey, Tyranitar, Skarmory, Gengar

Serris is a Pokémon Trainer who uses Twitter.


Serris always had a knack for Pokémon ever since he could walk as a baby. At the young age of five, he began "training" the Caterpie in his backyard to fetch apples for him and his family when they were needed. On his tenth birthday, he recieved his first Pokémon, Turtwig, from Professor Rowan. They immediately became friends, and have traveled the world together. He has captured nearly 300 different species of Pokémon in his travels, and hopes to extend that count much further. Serris was awarded a Black Trainer card after he succesfuly completed the infamous "Battle Tower" in Sinnoh. His childhood friend, Tyson, has been competeing with Serris ever since they were ten, but Tyson never seems to win, since he doesn't see Pokémon the way Serris does.


Salamence (Salamence)

Captured by Serris as a Bagon in a cave located in the Hoenn region. Salamence is headstrong and proud of its power, but never uses it unless commanded by Serris.

  • Dragon Dance
  • Dragon Claw
  • Stone Edge
  • Earthquake

Garchomp (Chompy)

Recieved in a trade as a Gabite for Serris' Gravler. Chompy is not the stereotypical Garchomp, but is instead curious, and overly energetic. Loves Coffee.

  • Swords Dance
  • Earthquake
  • Dragon Claw
  • Substitute

Blissey (Bliss)

Recieved as a Chansey by Nurse Joy. Bliss may appear cute and feminine, but can be very dangerous inside a battle.

  • Softboiled
  • Seismic Toss
  • Thunder Wave
  • Stealth Rock

Tyranitar (Mineral)

Caught as a Pupitar by Serris in a cave located in the Jhoto region. Mineral was caught in a room rich with minerals, hence the name "Mineral".

  • Rock Polish
  • Crunch
  • Earthquake
  • Stone Edge

Skarmory (Spike)

Serris found Spike abandoned near the peak of Mt. Coronet. Spike is named after its favorite move, Spikes. He will do whatever he can to protect Serris, if protection is needed.

  • Drill Peck
  • Roar
  • Spikes
  • Rest

Gengar (Shadow Blast)

Caught as a Haunter by Serris in the Old Chateau. Shadow Blast loves to pull pranks, but only when Serris allows it. He is usually very modest.

  • Shadow Ball
  • Focus Blast
  • Substitute
  • Sludge Bomb


Riolu (Lucan)

Recieved as an Egg from Serris's Mom, and hatched in Serris's Resort Area Villa. Riolu is curious, like Chompy, but is more interested in electronic equipment.

  • Force Palm
  • Counter
  • Aura Sphere
  • Foresight

Lucan has a twitter account: LucanRiolu.

Eevee (Breeze)

Caught by Serris at the Trophy Garden. Eevee is shy, but she is very friendly, and is always happy when with her friends.

  • Tackle
  • Helping Hand
  • Sand-Attack
  • Growl


Serris's Trainer Card


  • "I've never really tried being a Cooridinator. The one contest I did in Hoenn, Mineral nearly destroyed the contest hall. I don't know if I want to do that again. Ha ha!"