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"[We'll evolve] through our will. There's situations where it looks ugly. But we can't give up. Not when we're this far." -Torch to a battered Blake when surrounded by Deoxys clones during the battle of Mt. Silver.
Species Blaziken
Age 5 years (19-20 in human years)
Level RP-scaled
Types Fire-type.png Fighting-type.png
Gender Male
Home Shamouti Island, Orange Archipelago
Trainer Wild
Carrying Mystic Pouch, Adventurer's Outfit, Blazikenite necklace
Nature Bold


Torch is adventurous, sometimes mischievous, and very outgoing. He loves to go on adventures that involve traveling to new places. He's often goofy, makes an occasional lame joke here & there, and enjoys spending time with his friends. He always does his best to help somebody in need, and loyal to his friends. He's persistent when learning new things, such as playing his ocarina or learning to fight with his staff. He tends to run into dangerous situations but manages to make it through them. He makes mistakes, and he admits he makes them.

Torch can often be very introspective and thoughtful despite his playful exterior. He reflects on himself and his experiences very often, sometimes even doubting himself despite his usually optimistic nature. He is very curious about others and why they do the things they do. If faced with a stressful situation, he thinks through it very carefully. When Torch is affected by negative feelings, he can sometimes get emotional if they overwhelm him.


Torch in his gear.

Torch's eyes are bright blue, striking, and optimistic, rather than the piercing expression many Blaziken seem to give off. His head feathers are long and usually messy-looking, most notably the white feathers on his forehead. Despite this, he keeps himself as clean as much as possible, often grooming himself.

He stands at 6'6" tall or 202 centimeters, being taller than the average Blaziken. He now has a clear build going on as opposed to when he was a slightly chubby Torchic. After going through his intense training, he has gained a more noticeable muscle mass throughout his entire body.

He wears a flowing red scarf around his neck he received from Chicia's spirit. (See Mt. Pyre Adventure.) He partially wears this to conceal a faint but jagged scar he got from his showdown with Xanza. He also wears a set of night vision goggles over his head, a gift from his blind Samurott friend.

Torch as a Combusken, wearing his signature scarf.

He wears an over-the shoulder staff holster to allow him to carry his staff on his back. This holster also combines into a sort of utility belt he can strap several items on. On this belt he carries his mystical item pouch, (See Torch's first adventure.) an ocarina, and eviolite stone. He used to equip the stone as a light armor to defend himself better against attacks but it's been obsolete since he evolved. Now it's merely aesthetic. Instead, he wears a chained Blazikenite around his neck, the necklace created by a friend. The stone itself is encased in stainless steel metal as a stylish design that connects to the necklace chain.

Abilities & Disadvantages

Torch's accumulated experience makes him a highly formidable fighter. He has been proven to beat the odds many times when it comes to battle. His battle style can be very adaptive depending on the situation, being a resourceful Pokémon. He has a wide array of attacks and techniques he learned throughout his life. He is best described as a melee fighter with several special long-ranged attacks and support moves. He is skilled at manipulating fire and some related energies to his advantage; Energies such as electricity for Thunderpunch or, to a limited extent, darkness to create Night Slash. Torch's currently known attacks are listed in the following link:


Through his training, Torch has gained an athletic physique and thus more stamina to burn through. Torch can run for many miles without tiring himself out. In a drawn-out fight, Torch is more than likely to handle it as long as he doesn't sustain too much damage or use too many powerful techniques in quick succession. Feats of strength are more about using his momentum and techniques to toss/fling foes much larger than him. But he would be able to push a large boulder or similarly massive object with more or less ease if he had to.

Motion Senses

Torch has naturally outstanding motion-sensing abilities, the result of being a chicken, which he further trained in order to overcome certain disadvantages and gain an edge in fights. This allows him to read minute changes in his opponent's movements/vibrations and better predict what's about to happen so he can react accordingly. Sneak attacks are more likely to fail as he can sense movements behind him. This can further become enhanced through his Focus Energy technique.

Charicific Staff

Torch possesses a secondary weapon. He calls it the Charicific Staff. It used to be a basic wooden staff when he first acquired it as a gift but has since been upgraded by his friend, Charizard, and his family in Charicific Valley. It's a slender, dark stave with grooves to make it easier to grip. Its tips are reinforced with a durable, but lightweight steel-alloy and add more power to the blunt weapon. It's polished with a shiny fire-resistant resin to withstand Torch's flames, allowing him to pull off Fire moves with it. Torch can execute various moves and combos through the weapon, using it with speed & precision. It is also able to be used to parry or block certain blows from his foes.

Chicia The Spirit

Torch has an unbreakable bond with the spirit of a female Torchic named Chicia through his red scarf. Only Torch and other spirits are able to see her. She vowed to be Torch's little 'guardian' when he was a child, even though he doesn't need the help as much being a Blaziken. He is able to summon her at will, but she will occasionally pop out regardless. Headstrong but intelligent, she is able to aid him with information, whether it's outside of battle or during it. She is able to issue warnings at Torch about an incoming attack or give him basic information about what Pokémon he inquires about.


Torch does not do as well when faced with a battle in the dark. His poor night vision, a result of being part of the Torchic line, puts him at a disadvantage. Although he relies on Chicia and his hearing to point out where his foes are, his accuracy and chance of landing critical hits is lessened. Torch is able to swim but a battle in water would put him at a disadvantage. He is less likely to execute his attacks while he's underwater. Being entirely soaked makes it harder for him to efficiently produce his own flames.

Although Torch's motion senses seem unstoppable, disorienting or disabling that sense would render it useless. Combined with his night vision blindness, this situation would leave him quite vulnerable in the dark.

Mega Evolution

Torch is now able to achieve Mega Evolution through his Blazikenite and the bonds he made with Chicia and others. Torch's scarf and his bond with Chicia play a big role in his Mega Evolution. Chicia's essence merges with Torch's, resulting in a sort of fusion with Torch still taking charge. Besides the significant power boost, Torch's body becomes much more efficient at directing his flames and natural energies.


His bright blue eyes take on a more fierce look, almost glowing. His head feathers become longer and dense. The white feathers on his back become longer and shaggier as they extend downward behind his back, somewhat giving him the appearance of becoming larger. His muscle tone is more pronounced through his feathers. His thinking is much sharper due to his combined intelligence with Chicia. His scarf becomes intertwined with ghostly, transparent fire that stems from Chicia's essence, unable to harm anyone who happens to touch it. The brightness of the flaming scarf indicates Chicia's own state of health as she's able to share her increased energy reserves with Torch.

Battle Potential

In battle, Torch is much calmer, able to think ahead and analyze things very quickly. His fighting style becomes almost graceful as his flame ribbons dance around him. Although he seems more controlled, he becomes less hesitant on delivering much more devastating attacks, especially if his opponent wronged him in some way. Part of this behavior stems from Mega Blaziken naturally being proud, courageous warriors and their natural need to deliver justice if needed. Chicia's thoughts combine with his own, often reassuring him that things will be fine, and he is able to act more quickly to incoming threats. He is able to take more damage as Chicia's energy provides a buffer against his own. Once Chicia's energy is drained and the scarf disappears, he becomes more determined to take down his opponent. His attacks become more swift and brutal afterward.


Outside of battle, Mega Torch is less prone to being his usual silly self. His attitude is more mature and focused, although he is still able banter along just fine with close friends. His vocabulary is slightly more varied due to his sharpened intelligence. Once he's set on a certain task, he is determined to see it through to see it through. Although he is more serious, he maintains a positive attitude through it all.



Torch was born deep in the forest near Oldale Town in Hoenn on the 16th of January. He hatched from an abandoned egg under a bush. His parents' identities and whereabouts are still unknown but some events have provided possible clues.

Wiglin the Wurmple

Torch was clueless about the world after hatching, being just a baby. But he was willing to find out more about the thing he called 'life'. He stumbled across a Wurmple named Wiglin. Wiglin was a very intelligent, and somewhat arrogant Wurmple. Wiglin became his first friend and showed him the basic ropes of life including gathering berries, education, and battling. Torch's first battle was against a Poochyena, whom agreed to assist in Torch's crash course on life. Wiglin eventually showed Torch where he could live.

First Home

Torch used to live in a burrow next to a small pond, snugly surrounded by a circle of dense bushes. The pond was later revealed to mysteriously have slow healing properties. His burrow later expanded into several tunnels for more space.

Torch with a few of his forest friends, including Wiglin the Wurmple.

Life in Oldale Forest

Torch was self-sufficient enough to live on his own without too many problems. Torch liked to visit Wiglin and made friends with the wild pokemon living in the humble forest. At one point, Torch found an abandoned soccer ball, and showed it to some of his Poochyena friends whom explained that it was used to play a human gamed called Soccer. Torch then decided to start a big game, gathering up anyone who was willing to play. The game was narrowly won when Wiglin scored the final goal. Torch also liked to play tricks on passing trainers, hiding in an empty eggshell and popping out to surprise them. This, of course, led to narrow capture attempts.

Torch's First Adventure


One day, Torch observed a trainer battle between a Charmander and an Aron. The Charmander then proceeded to use Flamethrower, which defeated the already weak Aron. This surprised the curious Torchic and he asked Wiglin why some pokemon were able to learn such powerful moves like that. Wiglin explained to him about TMs and how they can bought from stores or found in the strangest places for no apparent reason. Torch then asked him if he knew of any places to find any TMs. Wiglin uneasily told Torch he knew of one hidden deep inside an unnamed Registeel temple deep in the forest, then he told him not to get any ideas. Torch later ignored this and planned to make his first exploration ever. Torch made his way to the cave entrance, marked by an ancient statue of Registeel. Before he made his way in, a Togetic named Sargent intercepted him, asking him what he was doing. Torch explained to him and the Togetic agreed to escort the inexperienced Torchic.

The Exploration

The temple was a vast place riddled with progressively stronger pokemon. There were many dead ends, but some rooms had treasure chests filled with things like berries. There no sign of any TMs that the Torchic was seeking. They found a large tunnel, which would lead deeper underground into the temple. But before they went in, something caught Torch's eye, a ledge above the tunnel entrance. Torch proceeded to ask Sargent to fly him above it, which led to a treasure chest sitting inside a hidden alcove. With joy, Torch found a Flamethrower TM.

The Mysterious Noise

Shortly after learning Flamethrower, a metallic, grinding noise echoed throughout the temple. Torch & Sargent were shocked to hear such a sound. Torch then asked Sargent if they could investigate the noise. Sargent promptly agreed.

The Investigation

With Torch on his back, Sargent flew deeper into the tunnel. The place went on for many miles underground and it steadily got hotter. They found magma streams and strong pokemon, which Sargent got rid of with some help from Torch. They eventually encountered a wall covered in Braille, which looked like some sort of warning message. They immediately heard the noise again, much louder than before. Sargent realized that Registeel might be awake from his eternal sleep and angry. They agreed that Registeel should be found and calmed down before anything got worse.

Encounter With Registeel

The duo eventually reached a cave entrance surrounded by torches and more Braille. They flew in and found an angry Registeel. He didn't listen to anything they had to say and Registeel attacked. The battle with Registeel was mainly fought by Sargent, aided heavily by Torch's super-effective Flamethrower. Registeel was annoyed by their flying around, so he grabbed them and threw them down in a Seismic Toss. This caused heavy damage to the Togetic and Torchic. Torch encouraged Sargent to keep fighting and that they should combine his Blaze-powered Flamethrower and Sargent's Hyper Beam. This was enough to defeat Registeel and he collapsed back into his eternal sleep.

The Hidden Room

After defeating Registeel, a stone door in the corner rolled open. They found a plain message inscribed on a wall that said, Congratulations, you have passed the challenge of Registeel. You are free to claim the treasure left behind by us. Furthermore... The rest of the message was chipped away by age, cutting off any further information. The duo found themselves in a room filled with many TMs and preserved rare berries. They excitedly split up the treasure and that was the end of the adventure. This adventure gave Torch many of the moves he currently uses and his sense of adventure.

The Mysterious Pouch

Torch was digging around his treasure findings the following night to find a seemingly ordinary tie-up pouch made of leather. Later, he finds that it can store much more than it looks like. It looks somewhat full on the outside but it can store up to 50 berries and items. It is believed to be made by the same people who wrote the message on the wall. It has aided Torch throughout his adventures since then.

Mt. Pyre Exploration

Setting Out

Torch heard of a mountain of the dead from a friend. He thought it was pretty intriguing so he decided to take a look. When he came across the lake, he couldn't find a way to cross it to get to the mountain in the center. But then a wise Latios named Azure noticed the Torchic. He asked what was he doing near a place like Mt. Pyre. After explaining that he just wanted to explore, Azure agreed to take him across the foggy lake.

Chicia's Headstone

After climbing a few steps, Torch noticed a lonely headstone with the familiar Torchic crest symbol carved on to it. Very curious, he examined it and found out that it was a female Torchic named Chicia who died a very tragic death. Feeling sorry for her, he left a Lum Berry on her grave out of respect. He then continued on to explore.

The Exploration

Torch encountered many Ghost-type pokemon, most of which weren't too friendly. The fog was very dense, making it hard to see upcoming enemies. He made his way to the top to find two mysterious orbs. Feeling their power, he decided it would be best to leave them alone. Finding nothing else of interest, he decided to head back.

The Scarf

As he headed back, he noticed that the Lum Berry he had previously placed was gone. In its place was a custom red scarf with 'Chicia' stitched in cursive on the corner. Torch was very shocked but decided that maybe it was a sign that he should take it. He wore it and immediately felt a presence within the scarf. He shook it off and left on Azure once again. Later, he would occasionally see Chicia in his dreams. He now maintains a bond with Chicia's spirit and the scarf, even asking her for advice sometimes. The scarf is now Torch's most prized possession, getting upset if he misplaces it.


Pope-kémon Slowking XII

A wise and important leader. He was the guide and moral voice of Shamouti Island. He has quickly become one of Torch's mentors and occasionally acted as a parent for the mischievous Torchic. He had an adopted daughter named Nyx, an Alakazam Torch met as an Abra. Slowking died in the March of 2016, leaving his life lessons and memories with Torch behind.


An Alakazam. One of Torch's closest friends, they knew each other at a young age as Torchic and Abra. She was initially shy, even teleporting away from him when he sneezed fire unintentionally at her. They developed a brother/sister bond over time and Nyx became protective of Torch ever since he was a Torchic. She is intelligent and friendly. They have gone through many things together. Nyx was once infatuated with Torch, although Torch friendzoned her.


A blind Samurott Torch met as a Dewott. After Cerberus went out of control from rage one day and burned down the village, he offered the Torchic some help. He evacuated the the villagers and later became good friends with the Torchic. He later helped save the island from Izobi, another villain. He helped Torch learn how to fight in the dark without relying on his eyes.


One of the legendary birds of Kanto and one of Torch's mentors. He invited Torch to a feast after he witnessed him defeat Shadow Lugia. He later decided to make him his heir and taught him how to tolerate extreme cold, especially in water.


An Empoleon. He met Torch as a Piplup near Sandgem Town in Sinnoh while Torch was training to be Articuno's heir. They later became great friends. They even helped find an Eviolite for a Bulbasaur who couldn't evolve. They became much closer over time, and spent much time hanging out with each other in Shamouti. They battled each other on January 16th, in Shamouti's main square. Torch ended up winning after Blake admitted defeat, feeling close to fainting. As they both evolved, Blake asked Torch to hold his flipper. They evolved together, wing-in-flipper, showing how close their friendship was. Later, they evolved together once again to stand a better chance against the horde of Deoxys clones during their rescue mission for Corey.


A Sceptile Torch befriended in Sinnoh. Seemingly cold and rough around the edges, he cares deeply about nature. Torch has come to regard him as one of his closest friends after being thrown into many situations with him.


A Ledian who is the owner of the large BrawlCenter in Olivine City. Torch met Luke when he was a Combusken, after being offered to join his then tiny fight club. Torch occasionally visits Luke and his BrawlCenter to test his skills against other fighters or join tournaments. Torch considers Luke a good buddy of his, although he ends up unintentionally annoying Luke every so often with his remarks on his past punching bags or with his occasional careless mistake.

Xanza Plot

Torch the Torchic played a huge part in fighting off the evil Hydreigon, Xanza. He later found out he was also unintentionally the reason for Xanza's reawakening due to his carelessness, after encountering the Dark Trio for the first time. There was an initial invasion of Shamouti; Torch helped save the day rescuing captive human and Pokemon children. He used Dig to have them escape Xanza's minions from under their nose. This rendered Helia's (See Xanza Plot link) ultimatum of harming them if they don't surrender useless and they withdrew their army in defeat. Later, there was a second battle of Shamouti, led by Xanza himself. The outcome of the battle would determine the world's fate. Torch, Ares, and Cerberus were to defeat him right there using the Catalyst Crystal. Torch later had an unexpected climactic showdown with Xanza in the finale of the plot in a mysterious place called 'Limbo', right after Xanza was thought to have been defeated by the trio.


These are all of Torch's main belongings, acquired during actual RPs. Most of these items are stored in his mystic pouch. This is more of my personal reference to check back to, because the list is getting rather lengthy.

  • Chicia's red scarf
  • A silk scarf gifted to him by Slowking. Mainly for special occasions, he rarely uses it.
  • A mystical pouch
  • A plushy, life sized Snorlax balloon, gifted to him by Corey.
  • A Kyogre submarine (Robo-Kyogre), acquired in a hi-jacking in Gateon Port, Orre with a companion.
  • Soccer ball
  • Eviolite. Meant for Quentin the Bulbasaur with good intentions, but he didn't want it. Torch kept it.
  • ✘ A Pokégear, gifted by Quentin as thanks for helping him with a crime scene investigation. Destroyed by Zorro.
  • Sleep bombs, bought by Torch at the Shamouti village market. Sometimes used for mischievous reasons, but also for defense.
  • An ocarina, acquired as a Christmas gift he asked for. He's now experienced enough to play many songs on it.
  • Expert Belt, gifted by Blake. Currently stored.
  • Focus Band, gifted by Slowking. Currently stored.
  • Spyglass. Allows Torch to observe objects in the distance and stargazing.
  • ✘ Wooden Bo Staff, gifted by Char. Occasionally plays around with it and now he plans on learning to fight with it.
  • Charicific Staff. Formerly the Wooden Bo Staff. Char and his family in Charicific Valley have upgraded it as a gift for Torch's second birthday. It's now reinforced with steel tips, better grip, and polished with a fire-resistant resin.
  • Staff Holster/Belt. Used to carry his staff across his back and to carry his other belongings by the belt.
  • iDroid. A high end device Torch received from his time in the Crystal Cats during an SL.
  • Blazikenite. Gifted by Medina as a late birthday gift. This allows Torch to Mega Evolve into his Mega form.
  • Mystery Key. Found on Mt. Pyre. said to have been dropped by a Gallade adventurer 50 years ago.
  • Various elemental gems used for boosting his attacks during battling situations.
  • Journal. A blank book Torch received as a gift so he can record his thoughts and experiences. Very durable.
  • Night-Vision Goggles. A gift from Dawson. Allows Torch to better navigate dark areas. It's worn over his head.
  • Otherworldly Armor set. Pieces of advanced flexible armor found during the expedition with Caela in another dimension. Most pieces can meld perfectly against Torch's humanoid body.
  • Grappling Hook. An old fashioned tool Blake gave Torch in order to reach new areas for his adventures.
  • Agriculture and Plant Identification Book. Given by Ariella to aid Torch in future adventures.


  • Torch was created on January 16th, 2013. This is also the same day he was born.
  • He is very fond of Sitrus and Lum Berries, enjoying the sour taste of the Lum Berry.
  • Another of his unusual abilities is that he can speak to spirits like Chicia. It is currently unknown why Torch is able to interact with ethereal beings.
  • He has a blatant dislike for Joltiks because of a past experience with one.
  • A faint scar is left on his neck from the previous battle with Xanza, having been bitten.
  • Torch enjoys watching Spinarak-Man and is a big fan of the fictional character.
  • He saved the world in the grand finale of the Xanza plot.
  • Torch evolved into Combusken on January 16th, 2014. Exactly one year after he was born.
  • Torch evolved into Combusken after battling Blake, whom also evolved.
  • Torch evolved into Blaziken with Blake once again during a moment of peril on Mt. Silver on March 1st, 2015.
  • Torch's previous handle used to be 'TorchicHero' and 'CombuskenSavior' as a Torchic and Combusken, respectively.