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Joey the Rattata
Top percentage stuff goin on here bro
Species Rattata
Age 0
Level 19
Types Normal-type.png
Gender Male
Home Route 30
Trainer Unnamed
Carrying Choice Scarf
Nature Unspecified


Joey is young, enthusiastic and incredibly annoying awesome. He spends most of his time training, but like most Twitter users, there is always a way to annoy everyone else with information they don't want to know about what you're doing right now; for Joey, this comes in the form of his trainer's laptop. Apparently she is going to be acquiring an iPoke rather soon, which most likely means Joey will be at least five times as annoying and in-your-face as he usually is. Joey's habits on Twitter involve crawling all over other users' pages and looking for something interesting to forcibly involve himself in, such as renovating a gym or asking loudly about something you mentioned and are trying to keep quiet about. After being captured in none other than a Master Ball, he began to believe he is 'top percentage' at everything - asking him to explain exactly what 'top percentage' means will only result in confusing him and probably causing him to lose his temper with you; sometimes it is better to just let it lie... Enthusiasm is probably Joey's most well-known trait. If you're doing something interesting, you can almost guarantee he'll be over there like a shot, bouncing up and down and screaming "LET ME HELP!!"


Before Masterball

Stuff was pretty boring back then. Mostly chilled out with my old family on Route 30, occasionally nipping into Cherrygrove to steal food and rare items, only to hoard it all and never use anything and then forget where I put it. Hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

In Masterball

Given a Choice Scarf shortly after capture, this thing makes me speedy as an goddamn Rapidash. Been training pretty hard ever since. It's tiring work but my trainer is totally awesome and she gives me berries and Aprijuice almost constantly. Being top percentage is tough, but it's not in the level or the experience points. It's in the heart and the effort you put into it. And in being caught in a Master Ball, that kind of helps a lot because when you get sent out in battle your opponent is all like OH GOD IT'S A MEWTWO and then you just pop out all like EYYYYY and Quick Attack the crap out of them. Anyway since I reached level 19 I've been sort of hanging out in my trainer's house while she goes off on errands. Occasionally we go out together and visit new places. There's a lot I haven't seen.


  • Bite
  • Tail Whip
  • Quick Attack
  • Hyper Fang


THAT STUFF'S FOR HUMANS, I JUST HIT STUFF BRO never mind apparently my trainer wants me to go find someone wise I can learn from. I figure I'll just ask around on Twitter...


Man I don't talk to them any more since I got captured. I'm too top percentage for family.

Mother & Father

Ratti and Korat. Don't look for them, they look exactly the same as all the other twenty billion of us.


TOO MANY TO COUNT LOL, we are Rattata after all


I guess I used to like this girl called Rattias but she turned out to not be a Rattata at all but a FREAKING LATIAS using a Rattata illusion, only I could accidentally date a legendary. Top percentage accidents come with being awesome!


FRIENDS?? WHO NEEDS FRIENDS I'M TOP PERCENTAGE but I guess these guys are okay:


  • BUTT-WINGS (not really an enemy but I don't think he likes me much haha, kidding he's totally awesome... buttwings and all)

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