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Reiki the lucario

Reiki is a loyal warm hearted lucario which is playful and can act silly at times, especially when his sister is around. Being a brave nature, he never backs down from a fight and is willing to risk injury if it ment helping a friend. As most lucarios he enjoys consuming chocolate, but he tends to get hyperactive if he eats to many, which can lead to self-injury or injury of others next to him.


Reiki was born on the 26th of May 1997 in the mountains of Shinnoh, His mother Ruby kept him safe after his father dissappear without a trace, and Ruby's trainer helped at times too. Being a only child he was usually bored so he got into trouble a lot, that's why Ruby's trainer Callum decided to be Reikis trainer aswell, he learned aura sphere from his mother and was thought thunder punch from Callum.At the age of 9 he met a female riolu named Aura and started to have feelings for her which he couldn't explain. Thus he changed trainers to be with her more, 5 years later Reiki evolved into a lucario and proposed to Aura, who was at the time with child. Life was peaceful as the couple had 3 children, but 6 months after Reikis 17th birth day they got divorced and Reiki was left sad and alone, but with the help of his step father Clarke and his family he recovered quickly. Now he keeps a eye on his little sister May and won't allow the same to happen to her.


Weight: 55kg/121.25 pounds

Height: 115cm/3.77 feet

Reikis body has seen a lot of action from all the fights and training he did, a clearly visible six pack has formed and he was pretty strong, but there is a permanent scar over his chest from a blaziken claw and a small cut in his right ear, and he always has a Lucarionite necklace on


Dark Pulse (Screw you, Ghosts and Psychics)

Aura Sphere (STAB, screw you, Accuracy, Normals, Steels, Rocks, Ices and Darks)

Dragon Pulse (Screw you, Dragons)

Psychic (Screw you, Fightings and Poisons)


Mother: Ruby

Father: Clarke

Uncle: Evan,Rikki,

Aunt: Tara,Crystal

Sister: May

Best Friend: Sunburn


-When one of Reikis ears is touched,his other ear wiggles

-Reiki would kill his enemy if needed to

-DONT PULL HIS TAIL if you want to keep your hand