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Cute ursaring.png
hi!! i'm ursaring and i like honey and berries:) let's be friends! please don't be scared, i'm nice
Species Ursaring
Age Child
Level 30
Types Normal-type.png
Gender Male
Home Honey Tree, Route 45, Johto
Trainer Wild
Carrying Honey
Nature Unspecified

Ursaring is a newly-evolved Normal-Type Pokémon found on Route 45.


Ursaring is a kind, mild-mannered Pokémon. His main goal in life is to make as many friends as possible, in hopes that through their friendship he can eventually become brave and start to explore the world. He is trusting of just about anyone he meets, though this makes him fairly gullible. Though he won't admit it, he is a very sensitive Pokémon and something of a crybaby. He is afraid of many things, including towns, cities, humans, clouds, and most fully-evolved Pokémon. When he types, he does not use any capitalization and frequently ends his sentences with an emoticon, usually a smiley face. Ursaring has a tendency to refer to humans as "mister" or "miss."

Ursaring wants to learn to be brave and strong, and has gradually been doing so under the tutelage of MACHAMP and AGGRON, among others. However, he doubts his own abilities to grow strong, and doesn't have any particular interest in evolving. He is also something of a romantic, and has a tendency to wear his feelings on his sleeve as a result.


Teddiursa grew up on Route 45 by himself; he never knew his parents. It didn't take him long to learn that many other wild Pokémon and trainers make life kind of difficult, but he gets by. He found a lost PokéGear and, after messing around with it for a few days, he learned how to use it and got a Twitter account.

In an attempt to become braver and stronger, Teddiursa went with AGGRON to Pewter City to train with LARVITAR under RockOfPewter. MACHAMP has also decided to make Teddiursa his protégé, though Teddiursa is just confused by the whole thing. After a few days of training, Teddiursa returned home to Route 45.

After an accidental trip around Johto, Teddiursa made friends with a female Sentret who lives on Route 39. He's since developed something of a crush on her. After a while, Teddiursa decided to make a special gift for Sentret using some of her favorite things: pine needles, flowers, and bitter berries. He also went to Goldenrod and got her a PokéGear of her own, which he stole from the Goldenrod City Department Store. Sentret loved the gifts, and now the two of them are dating, though Teddiursa is reluctant to call them a couple.

After getting some advice, Teddiursa told Sentret just how much he felt about her, and she reciprocated his feelings. Now the two of them are officially a couple. Despite several misadventures they have remained steady, though Sentret has professed a lack of interest in Twitter and doesn't always approve of Teddiursa's friends.

Some time passed, and Teddiursa started to become increasingly nervous and stopped sleeping for several days. He began to use his Pokegear to take pictures and short video recordings of himself, and would talk about a Pokémon called "Slenderwoodo" that was stalking him. Despite Teddiursa's odd behavior, Sentret waved it off as Teddiursa just being his scaredy-cat self. Then one day, Teddiursa finally tried to sleep and went missing shortly afterward. Sentret discovered his Pokegear a day later, and went on a search for Teddiursa.

Once Sentret found out what happened to Teddiursa, she enlisted the help of AGGRON to track him down, only for Aggron to be taken by Slenderwoodo as well. Sentret then teamed up with Harmonia in order to come up with a plan to save their friends. Ultimately Sentret approached Slenderwoodo and offered a trade: her friends in exchange for twenty dollars. It worked, and Slenderwoodo returned Teddiursa to his home on Route 45, where he woke up with little recollection of the incident besides terrifying images that will haunt him for the rest of his life.

When AGGRON gave up his title as the leader of the ROCK CREW, he gave it to Teddiursa. Teddiursa did his very best to be a good leader, and even traveled all the way to the ROCK CREW's base at Mt. Moon to perform his duties even better. However, most of the ROCK CREW just took care of themselves, with the exception of Carracosta who enjoyed Teddiursa's company. Eventually Teddiursa gave the title of leader back to Aggron and went home. Later, Teddiursa learned about the differences between boys and girls the hard way by touching Sentret in a place or in a way that made her feel uncomfortable. Their relationship status is currently set to "it's complicated."

Recently all of Teddiursa's training paid off, as he reached level 30 and subsequently evolved into Ursaring. Despite his newfound strength and more intimidating appearance, Ursaring is still the same sweet and cuddly bear he used to be, just in a much larger package.


Ursaring loves to make friends, if that counts as a hobby. He is also a bit of a gourmet, mixing together various berries with honey to create tasty new recipes. Dry-flavored berries are his favorite, and he doesn't like sour-flavored berries, but he's willing to mix up some sour honey for his friends. He loves playing with his friends and watching the sunset with Sentret at his side. Training is sort of a hobby, though he's not very good at it.