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Terror Zoroark body.jpg
HA HA made ya look!
Species Zoroark
Age 3,000+
Level N/A
Types Dark-type.png
Gender Male
Home Lake of Rage, Johto
Trainer N/A
Carrying Jade Orb
Nature N/A

Terror is a gender fluid immortal demon entity that must utilize living bodies to properly function and have use of its supernatural abilities. It used to inhabit and share the body of William Doh Matsuki of the Johto Elite Four but has since been given an artificially grown avatar body to inhabit. Although its gender and sex are not fixed, Terror chooses to identify as a male since formally utilizing a male's body. Terror's name is derived from the English word "terror," which is defined as "any period of frightful violence or bloodshed."


Terror as he appears without a host. Without a body to inhabit, he is unable to use any of his demonic abilities.

Outside of a living host, Terror appears as a shapeless cloud of dark matter with hollow eyes and mouth in the shape of sharp fangs. Within a host, the body he inhabits takes on a devilish appearance with menacing eyes, sharp saw-like teeth and deadly black talons. Currently in his Zoroark avatar, the mane bead seen on most Zoroark has been replaced with the legendary Jade Orb.


Foulmouthed and often incredibly brash and blunt with his words, Terror is known to be somewhat narcissistic in nature, while having an easygoing, charismatic, and arrogant personality. Although he can be seen possessing a calm and confident attitude most of the time, when angered he can be rather impulsive and quick to the defensive.


William Doh Matsuki

Terror and William share a long history and for many years, William acted as both Terror's prison and host. For the majority of those years, Terror wasn't allowed freedom and was forced to exist only as a voice trapped within the confines of William's mind. As trust was built, William and Terror learned to share the body between them, the two essentially switching consciousness when in control on the physical form. When Terror was given his own avatar body to inhabit, the two severed the mental bond that forced them together, however the two grew to be dear and lifelong friends and allies.


Despite Terror's initial motives for bloodshed and revenge, Agnes always seemingly trusted Terror and considered him just "sad on the inside." Her misguided sympathy for him sparked a sense of affection for her, eventually causing him to cast away his dark and evil intensions to befriend her and William, gaining their trust and loyalties. Although often rude and obnoxious in his words (for example, calling Agnes chubby), he ultimately does adore Agnes.


Because Nanani was able to see past Terror's devilish demeanor, Terror fell in love for the first time in his 3,000 years of existing. In his love for her, Terror's restless spirit was able to find peace and happiness; and with her, he grew a family, which was something he never before considered for himself.


Volume IV

As the Johto winter season approached, a hissing voice began to echo throughout William's home at the Lake of Rage. The voice took notice to Agnes, William's Typhlosion, and it offered to grant her wishes and to make her very happy if she could help free it. The voice explained to her that it was trapped and needed help. In its convincing, the voice brought Agnes into a conscious dreamland of some sorts where she was wooed with fancy material items. The dream was dissolved, however when a demonic version of William appeared. The demon lookalike, which called itself Terror, explained that he was held captive as well, within William's mind, and since they were in a fake and imaginary world, he could walk about freely, but only in the imaginary land the voice conjured. The voice, threatened by Terror's appearance, vanished and the dreamland came to an end.

Within time, William revealed the voice to be coming from his friend and housemate Gregory Blackwall's half-possessed mind. The possessor, Giratina, made itself known and explained that Gregory had foolishly allowed a piece of its spirit to make contact several months prior when (at the time) Unova Champion Gregory was called upon by International Police officer "Looker" to examine a crack in the barrier that enclosed the passage way to the Distortion World at the summit of Mt. Coronet (Volume II). Giratina seized Gregory's body and entered into battle with William, Agnes and Lily, Gregory's newly caught Charmeleon. During this time, Terror spoke to William and told him that if he "turned over" his body to him, he would stop Giratina without killing Gregory. William allowed the switch, causing William's body to take on a demon-like appearance under Terror's consciousness. Threatened by Terror once again, Giratina's spirit fled by means of Gregory's body. Terror suspected that Giratina took it to Mt. Coronet in order for Giratina to fully free itself from its prison.

Under Terror's consciousness, William's body takes on a dark and devilish appearance.

Agnes and Lily accompanied Terror to Mt. Coronet, where Agnes was commanded by Terror despite Lily's mistrust in him. At Mt. Coronet's summit, Spear Pillar, Terror and Giratina underwent battle as Lily tried to stop Agnes from aiding Terror. In the struggle, Lily evolved into a Charizard and challenged Agnes. During their battles, Terror was able to free Gregory from Giratina's hold by carving out a small crystal that was lodged into Gregory's forehead from the initial exposure. Giratina's spirit was forced back into the realm of Distortion World and as promised, Terror withdrew and gave William back the control of his body.

Volume V

Unbeknownst to the other members of the household, Terror began to snap William of his health by means of a fragment of crystal robbed from Giratina-puppet Gregory (Volume IV). Finally with William too sickly and weak to prevent it, Terror broke free of his imprisonment buried within William's mind and took hold of William's body. With William's consciousness locked away and Terror's control on the body, Terror was successful in capturing Agnes' mind and seizing control of her behavior. Poisoned with Terror's darkness, Agnes became a terrifying killer and Terror commanded her to kill Rocket Leader Giovanni (in which Agnes was successful).

Terror fled with Agnes to the Ilex Forest where he commanded Agnes to hunt down and destroy the Spirit of the Forest (canon, Celebi). After Terror drew it out by ringing the Spirit's chime, Agnes attacked Celebi, fatally wounding it. Before Agnes could inflict more damage, she was interrupted by Gregory and Lily. Sick with pain in seeing Agnes in her current state, Gregory commanded Lily to defeat her. Terror, too, commanded Agnes to fight, but to also kill Lily. Agnes attacked, using sharp teeth to strike at Lily, who was hesitant in bringing Agnes harm. This gave Agnes the heavy advantage in the battle, and Agnes was successful in injuring her. By killing Celebi (it died from its wounds) and defeating Lily, Agnes' mind started to crumble and fold. With all of Terror's darkness flooding her mind and soul, Agnes fell to the ground, and her body began to rot away. This frightened Terror, as he never intended to cause Agnes harm. Guilt took him over and with a cry in agony, Terror surrendered over the body and retreated.

William gained consciousness in time to witness Agnes' body begin to rot into the ground and helpless to stop it, he began to weep. He was calmed upon seeing the Legendary North Wind, Suicune approach and step to Agnes. Blowing a breath on her body, the Typhlosion that she was turned to ash, giving way to a Cyndaquil; Suicune revived Agnes with a new form with no memory of the darkness that was forced upon her. After reviving Agnes, Suicune used its breath to also return Celebi's life and heal Lily's wounds.

Volume VI

William, along with baby Agnes, Gregory and Lily, traveled to Tohjo Falls when chaos struck Johto as the Legendary Trio Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres stormed the skies. There, they received the Gatekeeper's (canon, Raikou) permission to enter the "Kingdom of Old."

Inside was a ruin of what was once amazing and glamorous kingdom. William explained that the ruins was once "the Kingdom" and a race of people gifted with powerful psychic lived beyond the gates. He further explained that the race had since been eliminated. While at the ruin of the Old Kingdom, the group encountered Lord Mewtwo and Lord Mew.

Lord Mewtwo told a story, and the company was informed that as a young adult, William had lived among the people, the Seinaruhito (commonly referred to as the Voltaire), and when The Gods of the Sun and Sea (canon Ho-oh and Lugia) raged war upon each other, The Kingdom was destroyed in the process. In order to prevent the death of his people, young William opened a sealed box prison holding a demon entity, requesting it to frighten off Lugia and Ho-oh. Instead, the demon latched itself to William, taking over his body and making it its own, and slaughtered the people of The Kingdom. Lord Mewtwo informed William that he and his demon, Terror, could possibly live together in peace and instead of using the body as a prison, the two could share it.


  • Significant time and minor happenings have passed from the Volumes history to the Arcs History. One set of histories does not necessarily compliment the other.

The Thunder Beastie and Zorro: Part I Arc

Zorro (a black Charizard with a white-striped pattern) and his Houndoom brother, Malus, attacked Agnes (once again fully evolved) while she was on a search to locate Raikou. They forced her into battle, and although powerful, Agnes was no match against the two together, and she was defeated with great injuries. Zorro informed her that they were going to find her trainer and kill him so that Agnes had no choice but to assist them in eliminating human life. The interaction was interrupted by William, who taunted Zorro into attacking. With his attack, William handed the body over to Terror in order for the battle to be more evenly matched. Terror was swift and with the body under his command, any wounds healed within seconds of being inflicted. Zorro saw Terror for what he was and ceased attack, begging for Terror to choose him as a vessel instead of William. Terror took the offer and while his conscious was still chained to William's body, Terror leapt from William and into Zorro, kidnapping his body and pursuing Malus in flight deep into the forest with a maniacal laugh.

The Shamouti: Part I Arc

Agnes' injuries healed after several weeks. While in the forest, Agnes was approached by a female Gardevoir named Sky. She asked Agnes if she could speak to her trainer, William, about something important. Believing that the Gardevoir actually knew William, she brought Sky with her to William's estate and showed her to William's private study. In truth, the Gardevoir was hiding Malus in her shadow and went to seek help from Master William and Terror (since returned to William's mind). She had hoped if Malus remained hidden that William would agree to go with her to Shamouti Island to defeat a monster by the name of Susuraku that had taken Zorro hostage since his attack on Agnes. William saw through her cover and pulled Malus from her shadow, demanding the two to leave his property. Biting his pride, Malus apologized to William for injuring Agnes and promised him that no harm would come to her, and that a powerful treasure known as the Catalyst Crystal would be his to keep if he assisted them. William agreed and after handing the body to Terror, he and Agnes (kept within her Ultra Ball for easier travel) joined Sky and Malus en route for Shamouti.

While on Shamouti Island, Terror assisted a handful of Pokemon, namely a Blaziken named Torch, in searching for Zorro. While searching in a distorted dimension, Torch came across an egg that seemed valuable to him, but dangerous to many others. Wanting to destroy it, Terror entered a quick battle with Torch, in which Torch smacked him in the jaw and caused Terror to temporarily forfeit.

During a planned stormed attack on the monster's domain in Mt. Silver's base, Terror confronted Susuraku and entered battle with it. During the fight, Terror realized that any wounds inflicted on him wouldn't heal, which led to a grave injury. In order to save the body from dying, William convinced Terror to hand it back to his control so he could teleport them to safety. Terror agreed, and upon the switch in consciousness, William was able to escape. He dumped himself at Sky and Malus' feet, far too injured to stay awake due to blood loss. Sky was able to temporarily stop the bleeding with a Heal Pulse, and Malus was able to return them to Shamouti Island via a portal. There, William was able to slowly, but fully recover before returning back home with Agnes.

The Catalyst Crystal Arc

William became determined to fashion Agnes a Typhlosionite. He requested Terror to take the body and locate Torch in order to steal the powerful Catalyst Crystal he had in his possession. En route to find Torch, Terror met up with Malus in a mega evolved state. Malus agreed to assist Terror, and they ended up finding Torch with a Sceptile named Lamina in the same distorted dimension they explored previously in search for Zorro. Torch and Lamina were occupied in battle with an artificial Rayquaza, and Terror and Malus joined them in order to destroy it. Terror requested the Catalyst Crystal from Torch. Refusing to just hand it over, Torch and Terror entered battle over it, while Malus and mega evolved Lamina also squared off. In the end, Terror grew tired from using up his energy in wound regeneration, and Malus was defeated.

The Zorro: Part IV and Nanani: Part I Arc

As the Christmas season neared again, Master William hired a Glaceon housekeeper named Nanani to tend to the manor and its residents. Terror grew especially fond of her and found himself jealous when she accepted male suitors into her room (In specific a Mightyena named Naff). Not long after Nanani was hired, a male Umbreon named Nero and a female Eevee named Dot came to manor in search of her. Nero explained that Nanani was his mate and that she had lost her memory somehow in transit from Snowpoint, Sinnoh (where they lived) to the manor. It was further explained that Dot was their offspring. He pressed that Nanani should remember them and return home with them.

This aggravated Terror, as William informed Nero that Nanani most likely lost her memory due to emotional trauma and it would be stressful for so many memories to return to her all at once. He expressed that if she regained her memories and chose to return to Snowpoint with them, then he would release her from his employment with blessing. Despite this, Nero pushed Nanani into remembering him, going as far as to try to court her.

Nanani was shocked into remembering Nero, however despite that, she expressed that she wished to stay in the manor and work for Master William. Nero grew enraged, suggesting that Nanani had feelings for Terror, and ran away to Mahogany Town with hurt feelings. Feeling guilty for putting her in such an emotional situation, Terror offered to take Nanani to Mahogany to fetch Nero. With his strength and speed, he was able to carry her to the Pokemon Center there, where they found Nero ill from traveling on foot in the freezing snow.

Nero was irrational and made various attempts to lash at both Nanani and Terror. Finally losing his energy, Nero fainted in the snow and Nanani left Terror to take him inside to receive medical help. Terror felt as if Nanani chose Nero over him, and with a broken heart, Terror fled back to the manor and switched the body back over to William.

The Nanani: Part II Arc

Several days passed since Terror left Nanani in Mahogany Town. William had since fetched her and returned her to the manor, where she explained that she wished for her and her daughter Dot to stay with him. She also explained that Nero expected a full recovery and that he wished to return to Snowpoint. William agreed to take him when he was ready to depart (William has the ability to teleport).

Nanani grew concerned after a week of not hearing from Terror. She was sure he was upset with her, but she wanted to at least explain herself; she fully understood at this point that Terror had fallen in love with her. Agnes approached Nanani, telling her that Terror often hides in the Jade Orb that was given to her by Steven Stone. She said that when Terror's conscious is asleep, he moves to a quieter place, and that if Nanani would like, she could show her where the Jade Orb is kept. Nanani agreed and Agnes took her to William's master bedroom, where the Jade Orb was kept in his wardrobe. Just as Agnes had explained, Terror was within, and he woke when Nanani spoke to him. While his feelings were hurt, he listened to what Nanani had to say. He agreed to talk to her in person after William returned from taking Nero back from Snowpoint, and Nanani agreed.

When William returned, Terror surfaced as promised and met with Nanani in the library. Although embarrassed to say it out loud, Terror admitted that he had quickly fallen in love with her, and he got his feelings hurt. Nanani apologized to him, and before the night's end, the two shared a kiss.

The Bane and Zorro: Part V Arc

Agnes managed to find a male Absol named Bane while searching the surrounding forest for suitable pine cones for her collection. She brought him back to the manor where he charmed her and courted her into eventually mating with him. Terror warned Bane about Zorro, telling him that the two have off-and-on flings, and that if he found out Bane was mating with Agnes, he'd most likely try to kill him.

As expected, Zorro return to the Lake of Rage in search of Agnes. Terror greeted him with a surprise attack, and the two entered battle outside of the manor. During this time, Malus (Zorro's brother) entered the manor without permission and raided the kitchen. This caused mayhem as Naff and Bane entered battle with Malus to protect the manor residents. During his fight with Zorro, Terror realized that Malus was in the manor, and retreated in order to help Naff and Bane. Upon reaching Malus, Terror was able to frighten him off, but not without causing major damage to the foyer and manor staircase.

This gave Zorro the opportunity to enter the manor to find Agnes. He managed to find her, as well as Bane. Discovering that Agnes and Bane had been together, Zorro attacked him out of rage and broke his jaw. Before more damage could be inflicted, William interrupted and caused the fighting to cease. He demanded for Zorro and Malus to leave his home, as they were no longer welcome on his property. Reluctantly, Zorro agreed and the two left the manor.

The Nanani: Part III and the Aether Foundation: Part I Arc

Valentine's Day came and went. On Valentine's Day evening, Terror essentially proposed to Nanani, claiming that he would like to court her. She accepted it as a marriage proposal, since their relationship was already out of the ordinary. Terror gave her a diamond ring and requested William's help in organizing a spring wedding.

Shortly after proposing, it came to Terror and Nanani's attention that Nanani somehow fell pregnant. Nanani assured Terror that he has been her only partner since they started their relationship over the holidays, and therefore, the egg must belong to him. This raised significant questions since Terror was borrowing William's body and to everyone's knowledge, a human male couldn't impregnate a Pokemon female. William told Nanani that he would try to find an explanation for her, which led him getting into contact with Wicke, the current acting president of the Aether Foundation.

Wicke suggested that Nanani may not purely be Glaceon and offered to search through some records she had on file. Finding the necessary records, Wicke requested Nanani and William's presence at the Foundation, where she explained to Nanani that she was of mixed genetics, some being of human origin. Due to her genetic makeup, Wicke further explained that not only did Nanani possess an extremely high fertility, she is able to procreate with a large number of partners, including those outside her egg group.

Upon returning home with some of the answers Nanani was looking for, her and Terror's egg hatched a shiny male Eevee that they named Otto.

The Wedding Arc

As spring approached, the manor made preparations for William, Dot and Agnes' birthdays, as well as Terror and Nanani's wedding. The wedding was held in the bonsai garden, and Mordecai, one of William's old friends (Volume VI), married them. Shortly after their wedding, Terror and Nanani traveled to the Hoenn region via William's Xatu for their honeymoon.

The Aether Foundation: Part II Arc

A few months after Terror and Nanani's honeymoon, William suggested that it could possible for Terror to have his own body instead of him having to share his. He explained to Nanani that Terror can only function while utilizing a living body, which in most cases that limits him to a body already occupied by a soul. He stated that he doesn't wish for Terror to simply take on another being's body, but perhaps another option could exist for him. He wrote to Wicke, requesting for guidance, and Wicke quickly replied with a solution. She explained that with their genetic database and technology, the Aether Foundation could grow Terror an avatar body, essentially a lifeless shell that only conducts bodily functions needed for survival such as blood flow, breathing and brain activity.

William was invited to the Aether Foundation so specific tests could be run on William and Terror's mental connection and brain function. With the results of their tests, Wicke felt confident that her team could manage the procedure. At that time, William called Nanani and told her to decide on which Pokemon she would prefer for Terror's new body. After a few days of thought, Nanani decided on a Zoroark body for Terror.

Wicke's team grew the Zoroark body in a fluid filled capsule that she explained as an artificial womb of sorts. The body grew quickly and within two weeks, the body was ready. After fetching Nanani, Otto and Agnes, William returned to the Aether Paradise so that the transfer could be completed.

The transfer took place in the laboratory where William was instructed to lay on an examination table and allow himself to lose consciousness. When he did, Terror was able to exit his body through his nose and mouth. Terror rose to the ceiling as a black shadow-like mass (his true form) with a maniacal laugh. Wicke and Nanani instructed him to enter the avatar body, in which he did. Just as he left William through his nostrils, he entered the Zoroark shell in the same way.

Terror, now as a Zoroark, with his wife, Nanani.

Opening his eyes, the Zoroark body came to life, and the usual red claws of a natural Zoroark were replaced with his demonic black ones as his soul took hold of its new home. Wicke explained to him that her team would help him learn his Zoroark ability, Illusion, and that unlike natural Zoroark, his mane bead was replaced with the Jade Orb that could be used as a traveling device, much like how William teleports.

Gradually over the course of a few months, Terror grew comfortable with his Zoroark form, and quickly mastered his Illusion ability, as well as Pokemon attacks such as Night Slash, Dark Pulse and Flamethrower.

The "Jill" Jirachi Arc

With the coming Christmas season, Dot managed to find a Jirachi that claimed it needed a safe place to hide. It explained that it had recently woken up from its many-year slumber and wanted to keep unnoticed. Dot helped the Jirachi disguise itself as a Ralts and go by the name of "Jill." Jill was successful in tricking the members of the manor, except for, of course, William and Terror. Terror revealed to Nanani that Jill wasn't actually a Ralts, and William explained that Jill was indeed a Jirachi, but for them to keep its identity hidden for the time being.

A few days before Christmas Jill approached Terror and told him that his soul was different from the others despite appearing like a Zoroark. Terror informed Jill that while he doesn't exactly know what he is, he's something along the lines of a demon entity.


  • "Terror" is not Terror's actual name, but the name he was given after he slaughtered the Seinaruhito people. Because 3,000 years have passed since he last heard his true name, he has since forgotten it and associates himself with his given name. His other nicknames include "the Phantom Voice" and "the Evil One."
  • When Terror utilizes a body, the body will take on a devilish appearance and exhibit razor-like teeth and black claws.
  • Terror is essentially immortal and undying, but not undefeatable. Whenever he is inflicted with a wound, he is able to instantly heal, however repeated healing snaps him of his energy. When his energy is depleted, he will faint. When he shared a body with William, this forced him to forfeit control of the body back to William.
  • Terror's noted attacks are Shadow Weaver, in which he conjures shadow-like blades in the shape of bold-block arrows that strike at his opponent, and Devil's Dark Claw, in which he attacks with his talons. Now as a Zoroark, he can also utilize Pokemon attacks. His favorites are Dark Pulse, Night Slash, Sucker Punch and Night Daze.
  • Terror's favorite fast food chain is Taco Bell.
  • Terror doesn't actually have a birthday, however, he and Nanani made him a birthday date of November 9th.
  • Terror and Nanani's wedding anniversary is July 1st.
  • Up until Terror received his Zoroark body, Terror and William shared the same Twitter account, @eminenteidolon. He now has his own account.
  • Terror's handle is ALOPEX TEUMESIOS (Teumessian Fox), which, in Greek mythology, was a giant fox sent by the gods to ravage the countryside of Thebes as punishment for crime.