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Maximillian (Maxie) Rhynston
"We live in a black and white world. I'm just an uncomfortably dark shade of grey."
Age 34
Gender Male
Home Fallarbor Town
Pokemon captured Mightyena, Crobat, Camerupt, Houndoom (five of them), Mawile, Aggron, Charizard, and Chansey.


Born in Fallarbor Town as Matsubusa Riku Rhynston, Maximillian never met his mother, Tierra - she died during childbirth. His father Ramses was missing, presumed dead, since three weeks prior to his birth, rumored to have joined Team Rocket and been killed. He was deported to an orphanage in Snowpoint, Sinnoh. After some hazing incidents and a near-death experience on the frozen lake, he left the only home he knew on a search for the truth sometime after the death of his friend and childhood crush, Trinh. However, in a search for the truth on his family, he was wildly unsuccessful. While on his search, he obtained a Poochyena egg, and named the Pokemon Mei.

At 17, he went to Sinnoh. There, he found another one of his 'friends,' Thanatos Akakos, who had also attended the orphanage and had been childhood sweethearts with Trinh. The two had often fought, and Thanatos had lead the hazing incidents. He lived in Jubilife, and Maximillian had visited him. A neighbor saw him enter the house, and leave about half an hour later. After three hours, another neighbor went to check on him, since he was due for work and was thirty minutes late. There she found the body of Thanatos Akakos, 18, lying facedown in a pool of his own blood with knife wounds on his back that, when examined, read a phrase in runic Sinnohsian; "Death Without Innocence." Though never caught, it was confirmed a year later that he was in fact the murderer.

Eventually, he ended back home in Hoenn as an aspiring geologist, educated in Canalave University's mythology program, and Mt. Silver University's geology one. From this time on to when he turned 20, he acted with North Hoenn Acting Company in their renditions of 'The Rocky Horror Show' as Riff Raff or Dr. Frank N. Furter, or 'Little Shop of Horrors' as Audrey II or Orin Scrivello. During his time with the NHAC, he began training Pokemon other than his Poochyena, who had by then evolved. This is when he caught his Zubat, Numel, Aron, and Mawile.

Birth of Team Magma

Team Magma was founded when Maximillian was about 26, correlating with the change of his name from Matsubusa to Maximillian. However, it is widely unknown why or when he began the organization, or even how he got funding. The known facts are that a homeless genius created an organization that became cult-like. Their main goal appears to be expansion of the landmass. Upon founding the syndicate, Maximillian adopted the name of 'Maxie' as a type of alias. The Team has a hatred of the region's other group (well, really, any other group), Team Aqua, and the leaders have a deep-rooted rivalry. It is suspected that they met during the early years, or while Maxie was working as a freelance geologist and mythology researcher.

During the beginning of Team Magma, Maxie's Swellow, Mischief, was killed in a skirmish with Team Aqua, fueling the hatred for the team. He began training his pack of Houndoom at this time.

Recent Events

Rocket Takeover and Magma Betrayal

Maxie lead Team Magma into an alliance with Team Rocket in early June, 2010. In mid-June, both teams raided the Kanto/Johto Indigo League, overthrowing the Champion and Elite Four. Maxie himself was in the front line on Victory Road, fighting with Silver to defeat Thorton, Darach, and Will. The Magma leader ordered explosives as well as napalm to be dropped on certain areas in Kanto and Johto, including Bill's house. As the battle progressed with the criminal nearly beaten, Maxie used his Pokemon in order to defeat the trainers themselves, poisoning Darach. Darach and Thorton were doused with gasoline from above, then lit. Will arrived to douse the flames, creating a distraction for the two to get out. Maxie both poisoned Will and shot him in the chest after getting reinforcements from Janine. He sustained only minor injuries from the incident.

Alongside Giovanni, he successfully ruled two regions, though had very little say in anything that happened. This, along with the fact that he despised Team Rocket, blaming them for being orphaned from birth. Although he grew quite close to Giovanni, Silver, and 'Grey,' he did indeed order the destruction of Silph Co. and the assassination of Giovanni. Contrary to popular belief, he did not order Saffron to be burnt down, nor was he even in Saffron at the time.


Maxie is a cynic with a fiery temper. He's a pacifist. He seldom is truly angry, though it seems as if he is often. He goes wild with rage easily, which isn't helped by his habits; he is both an alcoholic and a smoker. His curiosity is great, and almost feline. However, when provoked, he can be murderous.

Any questions about his personality can be directly asked in his formspring account; found here.


For a Trainer, though he's only recently become an official one, battling isn't very much to him. The only battles he will partake in are those pitted against him, or for training. Instead, he prefers his own type of challenge, usually intellectual, although he does often work on marksmanship. To him, research is more than a duty, it's a passion. He'll visit runes, ruins, or geological sites as often as he can while ruling the team. He also dabbles in chemistry, one of his goals to make a more flammable version of napalm.

However, a few of his methods of stress relief are violent. It's come into light that once he gets truly angry, he'll kill smaller Pokemon with his bare hands. Usually Mudkips, seeing as he has a deep hatred for them.



With the nickname of Mei, she was Maxie's first Pokémon. She is fiercely loyal.

  • Fire Fang
  • Iron Tail
  • Shadow Ball
  • Dark Pulse


Misery, as he is called, shows no outright affection to his trainer. How he evolved is a mystery to them both. Due to being bitten so much during Misery's training, Maxie developed an immunity to the poison.

  • Cross Poison
  • Steel Wing
  • Dark Pulse
  • Aerial Ace


Maelstrom is slow and rather stupid, in his trainer's opinion. However, he is considered Maxie's second most powerful.

  • Earthquake
  • Eruption
  • Stone Edge
  • Flash Cannon


Malevolence fits his name. He was captured on a trip to Mt. Silver. Malevolence was, apparently, difficult to train, as Maxie had sustained a burn that never ceases pain from the creature.

  • Flamethrower
  • Crunch
  • Shadow Ball
  • Iron Tail

Maxie has five Houndoom, counting Malevolence. They all know identical moves to Malevolence, though Iron Tail is replaced by another move. They are; Mactation, female with Solarbeam; Malison, female with Sludge Bomb; Maquis, male with Reverasal; and Misprise, male with Thunder Fang.


Because she's one of his favourites, Malefic doesn't see the battlefield often.

  • Iron Head
  • Faint Attack
  • Flash Cannon
  • Rock Tomb


Malice is Misery's typical double-battle partner. However, due to her lower level, she is rarely used in battle.

  • Shock Wave
  • Flash Cannon
  • Earthquake
  • Surf


Mayhem is an apt name for the spunky girl. Causing trouble is what she does. Hatched from an egg stolen from a traveling circus.

  • Dragon Pulse
  • Rock Tomb
  • Heat Wave
  • Crunch


A gift from Archie. Mundify, however, is psychotic. She has been known for eating her own eggs. She also has a strange fascination with needles.

  • Egg Bomb
  • SoftBoiled
  • Giga Impact
  • Focus Punch


Maxie has adopted @Orphanpy as one of his Pokemon without legally catching him. His moves are unknown as of yet.