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Palmer Kurotsugu
"I'm the best at the Tower, and don't you forget it, son!"
Age 38
Gender Male
Home Battle Zone
Pokemon captured Milotic, Rhyperior, Dragonite, Lucario, Torterra, Garchomp.


Palmer rose to prominence in his youth, battling many leaders and other trainers with a seemingly unending winning streak. By the time he reached sixteen, he had already conquered a region of which he forgets the name of, and he only started when he was fifteen. After remaining training to keep at the top of his game for years while pursuing other goals such as a job at the local power plant to obtain money, he finally settled down and had a son, Barry (also known as Pearl). While raising his son, he also recieved a commendation to the newly constructed Battle Frontier. Soon afterward, he convinced his wife to move near it and climbing above the challenges became his hobby. Later again, he recieved word that the owner of the Battle Frontier would like him to fulfill a new position as the leader of the Battle Tower in another region, Sinnoh. Palmer accepted eagerly, and moved over there straight away. However, his wife and son moved to Twinleaf on the mainland, for the houses near were already purchased within his budget.


Palmer is cocky due to knowing his own strength. While a nice guy, he does get rather competitive in battle, although he is never really sore when he does lose. He thinks of the trainers that beat him highly, as they have proved thier skill climbing the Tower to even get to him. He also likes to be permanently on the move, which is one of the reasons he obtained Twitter. Using it, he can multitask as posting and also watching battles. While he does enjoy to be on the move, he is in fact capable of sitting still for ten minutes, unlike his son. Palmer has a vocal tic for using the word "son", even to those close to his age. He also likes to use "folk" and "naw".



A Milotic who shares Palmer's like of keeping on the move. She is generally Palmer's opening Pokémon.


Palmer's Rhyperior, named after his likelyhood to go into one at times.


Draco the Dragonite is quite calm, and is used by Palmer whenever he needs to Fly somewhere.


Palmer's Lucario. Named after an Egyptian god, Anubis prefers solitary company, Palmer's team being the only exceptions.


A Torterra, Palmer rarely uses her. She's the newest member of the team, and he isn't sure whether she's up to the challenges his team faces regularly yet.


A speed demon Garchomp with a penchant for just going as fast as possible, Veyron is used for a quick and accurate attack as opposed to many of his other Pokémon.