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Anevia, also known as Sylveon to others
“In search of my identity, lost along with my memories.”
Species A Sylveon
Age 18 years old, perhaps even younger
Level Supposedly Lv. 21
Types ???-type
Gender Female
Home Travelling with Dawson
Trainer Never had one, never will
Carrying A Shell Bell pendant
Nature Gentle


This curious Sylveon is gentle, very loving and kindhearted in general. She treats everyone as her friend, even if she only met them for a few minutes. She refuses to say an insulting remark about anybody no matter how irritating or terrible they are. Though, in the past, she has implied someone as 'rude' before. She loves to help others and give advice. Sometimes the advice can be a little bit mindless, or maybe unhelpful depending on the problem and situation, but she will help in any way she can with the best of her ability. She has mentioned about it before that it became a hobby for her to help others in need. She gets intrigued by a lot of concepts easily, even if its something small, she can be very curious about it. Considering how she lost her memory about many things and how she doesn't know her own abilities such as moves, she developed this strong urge to learn as many skills as she can. Even if its just fishing or baking, she will try anything.


Sylveon says she never knew her family. To be more specific, she forgot who her family is. She says she doesn't have a name, its because she forgot her name. She's unsure if she even had one to start with. All she knows is that when she evolved, she developed an amnesia somehow. But she can't even remember how she evolved. She mentioned that she remembered being an Eevee before the evolution, but her memory is rather foggy on that. Its now her own goal to discover her identity, who she really is.

At the start, there was not much progress that has been made. Though there is a hint. Koza, a Ditto who transformed into Uxie, temporarily became the being of Knowledge. He basically knew everything. Knowing that, Sylveon asked if he knew her past, her identity, and most importantly her memory. He only hinted that it will recover in time. She strongly doubt that though, for she had amnesia for quite a long while now and she hasn't remembered a thing.

Throughout her journey and travels, she met several friends, some which became almost a bigger priority to her than her current quest. She hasn't forgotten about her mission, finding her identity and her lost memories are still of great importance to her.

One day, very unusual dreams started to occur during Sylveon's sleep. Those dreams can be described with one characteristic; they always feel very familiar, as if she has experienced before, but she can't quite piece it together. In one of those dreams, a dark silhouette approached her. Instantly, she felt pain across her chest, suggesting that the silhouette attacked her in her dream. In another dream, she heard a disembodied voice calling out to her. "Anevia, listen to me. I want you to run.. run as fast as you can and never look back.. Please, take care.." Said the voice, according to her dream. That exact sentence, more specifically, the name "Anevia" triggered a memory that made her recall her original name, Anevia. She made sure that everyone she previously met before who knew her as Sylveon to call her by her original name now.


Wade: A shark that had threatened Anevia to become his meal on their first meeting. They did get to converse for some time in their second encounter and in the end, Anevia commented that Wade was quite nice after all.

Kienan: A Hitmontop who loves human technology. This geek confuses Anevia rather too much. She's not all too close with him but at least they're acquainted. Kienan showed her his laptop and how Twitter worked once.

Koza: A Ditto who has a mission to meet every Legendary and possibly transform into them if they allow him. This intrigued Anevia and she hung out with him several times. They even got to have fun together such as having a small picnic when he was a small Victini, and taking her to the skies as Genesect.

Aether: A somewhat aggressive living fossil. Anevia isn't all too close with this Aerodactyl either, but she has spoke to him more than once and they're well acquainted. Besides, she sees him fighting with Wade all the time, she wonders how the two could never get tired of it.

Dawson: A blind Dewott that turned out to an unexpected relationship that they didn't even knew could happen. Anevia helped Dawson once when he was lost in the forest. He returned the favour and helped her escape when humans was persistent on catching her. From there, they also did a bunch of activities together like teaching her how to fish and swim, planting berries, and roasting them together. They discovered popcorn this way. Before you know it, their true feelings were starting to show. Their friendship slowly blossomed into a love relationship even if they were unsure of it at first.

Manaphy: A Manaphy that came crying to her about a certain bully. Anevia sympathised at first, even if the reason was completely ridiculous. At that time, Manaphy didn't reveal who the bully is. When she found out it was Dawson who bullied her, Anevia stopped giving her sympathy because she couldn't turn against her own friend. When Manaphy launched an attack against her Dewott friend and almost murdering him, that's when Anevia lost all respect for Manaphy. She still talks to her a few times though if needed.


  • The handle "frivolousribbon" comes from the fact that the ribbons attached to Sylveon's body differs their appearance so much compared to other Eeveelution to the point that its ridiculous, they just stand out from all the rest. Since we are not sure what the function of the ribbons are yet, it almost seems that its only for aesthetic purposes.
  • Sylveon's account and the writer is supposed to be anonymous, as part of AnonymousPTRP. Hence why the writer refuses to go OOC on the account aside from DMs, even if the writer often has the urge to apologize for RPing terribly. If you have something to say to the writer, feel free to send a DM.