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Riley of Iron Island
Age 21-31
Gender Male
Home Unknown
Pokemon captured Lucario, Ril, Entei (active)

Riley is a skilled Pokemon trainer and Aura Guardian. He is known for specializing in Pokemon with high Attack.


Mysterious Beginnings

Riley first memory is that of a portal closing behind him whilst inside Eterna Forest. He has no memory of where he came from. His only possessions being his name, his clothes and his mysterious necklace. He wandered for many months, doing whatever he could to survive. He gathered food in nature and when in town he refused to steal, rather opting to scavenge food from dumpsters and trashcans. He also quickly learned to use and manipulate Aura. At this time, he only used it to move objects, completely unaware that this was uncommon. As long as he can remember, he can also see the Aura around him. Effectively, because of this, Riley has no idea what darkness truly looks like. For when his eyes fail him, his ability to see Aura fills in the gaps. Eventually, he made his way towards Oreburgh City.


After a few weeks in Oreburgh, young Riley came across a young Roark while dumpster diving. The two became fast friends. When Roark discovered that Riley had no home or family to go to, he begged his father, Byron, to take Riley in. Byron protested at first, but he ultimately could not let a child live alone in the wild. He adopted Riley and soon began to consider Riley his son.

Aura Sickness

Riley's gift of Aura did not come without a cost however. And shortly after being taken in by Byron, this cost revealed himself. After pushing his ability a little two hard, Riley collapsed. Aura surged through his body, much similar to Mega Lucario. This caused intense pain, rendering Riley bedridden for years. Even today, he retains the slight discoloration in his skin, and still has episodes. Thankfully, however, the episodes only last hours.


Discovery of Aura Guardian Lineage


Honors Passed Down

As Riley grew up, he shared his adopted family's love for mining. When Roark decided to start his own mine in Oreburgh, Riley was given Byron's old mine in Iron Island. By events of the Galactic incident, Iron Island had run dry and Riley opened it to the public as a nature preserve and place for trainers to train. Byron also attempted to pass down his gym to Riley as he recognized his skill as a trainer and love for Steel Types. However, not wanting to overshadow Byron's biological son, he refused.

During The Team Rocket Resurgence/Team Galactic Crisis

Iron Island


Post-Game till Today



A New Type is Discovered


Aura Investigation


Alola's Aura Mysteries

The following entries have been pulled from Riley's Journal describing the incident.

"Finally after some investigating I was able to figure out how to obtain Z-Crystals. Turns out foreigners are allowed to participate in the trials with the permission of the three current Kahunas. The trials were an interesting experience. Unlike the gyms of other regions, they do not solely focus on battles. However, apparently battles are involved in some way. This shall be quite the different challenge from the Sinnoh and Johto frontiers."

The following entry is dated the next day from the last.

"This is most alarming. I could sense how chaotic Alola's Aura was, but I had no clue how deep it affects Alola. First, some context, upon approaching the first trial I was handed a bracelet not too dissimilar from Kalos' mega rings. But this...this is different. Mega-Rings use the power buried deep within Pokemon. These Z Power Rings seem to syphon the very Aura from a trainer in order to power up a single move. Thankfully most humans can generate Aura endlessly, so this should be harmless to both trainer and Pokemon. But what happens if a move requires too much Aura from the trainer, I wonder?"

The following entry is one month after the last.

"It seems I have neglected my journal. Perhaps I got too wrapped up in the trials. They are exhilarating and as an attack specialist, I do love what these Z-Moves can do. However...I still find this mystery alarming. Especially after seeing Alola's Totem Pokemon. How is it possible that any Pokemon could contain so much Aura? It seems to have an overwhelming effect on the Pokemon. They have grown to unnatural size and strength. Perhaps some research is required."

Entry dated one week later:

"So much Aura over Poni Island, it almost knocked me out. A few minutes later I found out why. What I come to find out to be called Ultra Wormholes had appeared over the island. Before I had the chance to investigate, more wormholes opened up on the other islands, including the one I was inhabiting. One opened up less than a kilometer near me. What I discovered when I reached it was astounding. An alien....pokemon, I think, had just been driven back into it by the local kahuna. Moreover, different Aura was spilling out of the gate. It was hard to describe. It was still definitely Aura, but different somehow. Otherworldly, like a different color perhaps. Also of note was how it intermingled with the normal Aura. It was like a shedding, as if it was being consumed by another reality. It almost reminded me of the holes in reality the legendaries back at home created. I wonder if there's a connection there. But I digress. I knew Aura could manipulate the world around it, but this... this was a Bullet Punch right through reality. What is going on in Alola?"

This entry is dated a day later:

"Plenty of good news. Finally was able to help drive away the Ultra Beasts, those foreign Pokemon from before, alongside the Kahuna. Also of note, apparently a League just opened up on Alola and they even have a new champion! I hear that it is the same kid who defeated the source of the portals, some beast named Necrozma. Perhaps I should give the League a try one day."

No date is transcribed. Presumably the same day as the last entry.

"I was sitting in one of the Pokécenter Cafes when an emergency news bulletin flashed on all the screens. Just when we thought Alola was in the clear another Ultra Wormhole opened near the large floating research vessel. The camera man had dropped his camera when someone had knocked him over. Another man in a dark coat picked it back up and placed it back on it's tripod. What I saw had me leaping from my seat and running to the nearest harbour: Giovanni was the man who picked up the camera. And behind him...the mansion that was standing behind the Aether president had changed. It was Rocket. I don't know how, but Team Rocket was back. I am on a ferry now. Hopefully I can get there in time."

Again, no date is written.

"I.... don't understand what I have seen today. I need to write it down now...if only to make sure what I saw was real. When I reached the artificial island, I ran towards the new Rocket base. A man stepped out of the front door. A man I knew all too well. How Cyrus had returned from the Distortion World, I don't know, even less so what he was doing here. Before I could react to what I was seeing, Cyrus spoke. 'Riley, I thought you were dead, buried in that island of yours. Don't worry, I have no desire to fight. Only to return to my perfect world. Clearly, this world is protec...'

He was cut off as space destorted around him, as if the very air consumed him whole. In its wake, I saw a disembodied Aura run back inside. Before I could run after it, a similar distortion manifested around the building. In a blink what had been black tile and rainbow Rs had become a white building once again. Confused, I looked around me. I spotted Giovanni casually walking towards the edge of the island. As I ran near, not seeing me, he lifted a hand and summoned a wormhole. Instantly he was gone. Too late again.

Just don't understand. How was one man able to command Aura to create Ultra Wormholes, let alone one big enough for a building?

I need to return home, to Sinnoh. I think I am done with Alola."


Party Pokemon

RLucario.png Lucario

His main Pokemon companion. Having been with him since childhood, Lucario has never left Riley's side.

Ril.png Ril

A very young, mute Riolu. Extremely shy, yet innately curious. Being so young, he is rather self-conscious about his shininess/inability to speak. He basically wears his heart on his sleeve.

Entei.png Entei

Rather friendly. Equipped for battle, but loves to give rides to Riley to get across long distances quickly.

Bank Pokemon

RLucario.png Lucario


Aura Abilities