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Logan/ Static, a Male Jolteon. Trainer: @HaleyFJV
Species Lightning Pokemon
Age 19
Level 93
Types Electric-type.png
Gender Male
Home Kanto
Trainer Haley
Carrying Rocky Helmet
Nature Unspecified


Static is usually a kind and helpful Jolteon, although he is known to get annoyed fairly easily, which others like to take advantage of for their own amusement. He enjoys battling and won’t back down from anyone. He hates it when trainers or pokemon take it easy on him in battle and he takes it as an insult. His mood and confidence about his own battling ability changes quite a lot depending on his battling form, unless battling certain pokemon or trainers where he always acts big and tough. Static is very energetic, even if he doesn't always show it. If Static is having a bad day or is feeling upset, he prefers to be alone for a while before going to look for his family, who always seem to cheer him up and make his day better. Static’s favourite food is Oranges, although he does also like apples, berries and cookies.


Static is the son of a Jolteon couple and they all lived on a mountain that would get hit by thunderstorms on a regular basis, but Static hasn't seen his parents since he was 2 years old and close to his 3rd birthday. His parents were taken by some Team Rocket members. Static was left all alone on the mountain for a month before being found by a pokemon ranger and taken to a pokemon centre to be cared for by Nurse Joy. He would usually sneak out and go back to the mountain where his parents were taken. It wasn't until the age of 9 that he evolved in to a Jolteon. One day while at the pokemon centre Static was rummaging through trainers bags without anyone knowing and picked up a Thunderstone out of a bag and he ended up evolving into a Jolteon. It took Nurse Joy about a week before she realised that the Jolteon at the pokemon centre was in fact Static (who didn't get his name until later) the little Eevee. At the age of 12 Static left the pokemon centre and went to live back where he and his parents lived. Not long after turning 18 Static got his first trainer, Nate, who owned a fitness gym and had excellent training facilities. This is also the time when Static got his name. A few days later he met one of his trainers other pokemon, a Sandslash named Scratch and they both instantly became the best of friends, even though they do argue a lot, but they will both stick up for each other when either of them are in a bad situation. Not long after Static met a Shiny Umbreon named Shadow and the two became great friends. About a few weeks later Static’s trainer caught a female Flareon named Flame and it didn't take long for them both to fall in love and start dating. However they didn't really see much of each other so broke up after about a month of dating. It wasn't long before Static started dating again. On October 5th, thanks to some help from his best friend Scratch, he starting dating Shadow, who had been in love with Static for some time but was too shy to say and because Static already had a girlfriend. It was Scratch who told Static about how Shadow felt about him. Not long after they started dating, a Wynaut who is friends with Shadow seemed to get jealous and tried to kill Static and since then has tried many times but has failed on all attempts and now Static hates Wynaut more than anything. About another month later, Static’s trainer Nate went missing for a long time so all his pokemon went back to being wild. About a week later Static got a new trainer, Jonathan, they both had a lot of fun training together. After a while Static’s girlfriend Shadow was also caught by Jonathan and they were now on the same team. Not long after, Jonathan's rival trainer decided to paint Static pink, which angered Static, so he decided to take his anger out on the trainer who painted him. Not long before Christmas, Wynaut painted Static green and tried to turn him into a Christmas Tree. On Christmas day 2012 Static proposed to Shadow, who said yes, and on January 2nd 2013 the two got married. Not long after Static and Shadow had an egg that hatched into a cute female Eevee named Kirara. About a week later Jonathan went missing for a while and his pokemon went back to being wild. During that time Static and Shadow adopted a cute female Eevee named Jewels. A couple months later, Static was once again painted by Wynaut, this time he was painted purple, before being put into a cage by the same Wynaut but he managed to break out with Iron Tail. A few days later Static and Shadow adopted a newly hatched Scraggy. Not long after Static was captured by Wynaut and a team of Rocket Grunts, they used Static's own mom against him. He was taken to Team Rocket HQ, where he was brainwashed and became a member of Team Rocket, he would start off by trying to recruit pokemon for Team Rocket before being ordered to attack his own daughter, Kirara, and his wife Shadow. After watching Wynaut attack Kirara, Static started to get his memory back, and viciously attack Wynaut and locked him inside one of his own cages. A few days later, Shadow adopted a Shiny Eevee, making Static and Shadow now have 4 children, they decided to name their new child Max.


Static know a variety of different moves, but the ones he uses must are:


-Shadow Ball

-Rain Dance


He also uses these moves fairly often as well:


-Iron Tail


-Signal Beam

-Hidden Power Ice

-Quick Attack

Other moves he knows are:

-magnet Rise

-Heal Bell

-Double Team





-Sunny Day


PS & SB & PCo

Pokemon Stadium (PS)

Won- 2

Lost- 2

(W, 2-1) Glaceon, Freeze

(L, Faint) Umbreon, Shadow

(L, 0-3) Umbreon, Shadow

(W, 2-1) Roserade, Violetta

Simply Battle (SB)

Won- 1

Lost- 0

(W, Faint) Zorua, Arturo

Pokemon Contests (PCo)

Won- 0

Lost- 0

No contests entered