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Bug of steel, heart of iron. By travelling and training, I will become stronger.
Species Scizor
Age Adult
Level 50
Types Bug-type.png Steel-type.png
Gender M
Home Somewhere
Trainer Wild
Carrying None
Nature Serious


Having devoted his life to training and becoming stronger, he travels the world meeting Pokemon and humans alike.


Serious to a fault, Scizor rarely shows any kind of emotion to others. It takes a lot to surprise him and even more to make him smile. He is surprisingly accepting of others, however, and is quick to make friends with those he meets. Scizor’s main philosophy is to never prey on the weak and always defend the helpless. He’s quite chivalrous to others and tends to treat everyone equally. Despite his tough exterior, he’s really quite fond of children and enjoys humoring them and making them smile.



Scizor was born in a closely-knit clan of scythers deep in the woods of Johto. He lived his childhood happily as a healthy scyther with his parents and siblings. Scizor’s father, seeing Scizor’s potential as a strong and swift battler, trained his son daily until Scizor became quicker than even his father, who was also the leader of the clan. One day, however, Scizor stumbled upon a strange shining hunk of metal. The curious young scyther picked the metal piece up and nearly jumped out of his exoskeleton when the metal started to glow. Scizor later identified the mysterious hunk of metal as a stray Metal Coat because right after the metal started to glow, Scizor started to shine as well. It was then that Scizor evolved into a scizor.
Scizor, startled beyond belief, stumbled his way back to the clan. His arms felt like lead and he could barely lift his new body up off of the ground, much less walk. He arrived at the clan calling for help, but Scizor was greeted by horrified expressions on the faces of his scyther clan mates. His family, lead by his father, dashed up from the back of the clan to separate Scizor from the rest of the clan. Scizor tried desperately to explain to his father that it was his own son that stood before him, but Scizor’s father shouted back that a monster had come to the village. Scizor’s father then said that Scizor had taken his son away, hadn’t he? Scizor continued to claim that no, it was his son standing before him now. Scizor’s father then shouted that if the monster in front of them now really was his son, then Scizor could beat his father in a battle easily, as he had done so before. Scizor paused in surprise at the suggestion, and looked deep into his father’s eyes. He saw there that his own father knew that Scizor had just evolved, and that he would lose his grip of power on the clan as their leader if the other scythers knew that their leader had been lying all along about scizors being unable to evolve and that Scizor before them was not a monster. Horror gripped Scizor’s heart. He reluctantly accepted his father’s offer to battle for proof of Scizor being the leader’s son. The two battled furiously, exchanging blow after blow as the rest of the scyther clan looked on in awe and terror. Scizor could feel himself slowing down, his body much heavier as a scizor than it was as a scyther. His speed had lowered considerably so that he was now slower than his father. Scizor’s energy began to drop and his father’s attacks began to land on their target more frequently. The two suddenly stopped, Scizor gasping for breath and his father looking down at him with sadness in his eyes. Scizor’s father told him that he wasn’t his son and delivered his final blow: a deadly X-Scissor. The move hit Scizor’s head and nearly knocked him out. Scizor’s father told the injured Pokemon to leave and never return. Scizor stumbled off in shock and in pain.
The wound Scizor’s father’s X-Scissor left healed roughly, leaving a large X-shaped scar above Scizor’s left eye. After recovering from the battle with his father, Scizor resolved to travel and train to become stronger so that he could never lose a battle again and prove to his father that Scizor was his son just like he claimed he was. Years later, Scizor is still traveling and training, searching for the power and confidence he needs. He has since gained many more smaller scars from the many battles he had had with other Pokemon. He knew a latios called Aero at one point before the legendary mysteriously vanished. It was a good few years before the two stumbled upon each other again.


Scizor wandered around Johto alone for a while before running across Koza the ditto. The two talked for a while before deciding it was beneficial for them both to team up and travel together. Koza would meet legendary Pokemon, like he wanted, and Scizor would battle the powerful legendaries, like he wanted. After witnessing Koza’s power to transform into Meloetta, the two set off in a random direction towards adventure. Koza then turned into Scizor, much to the steel bug’s surprise. Scizor later got lost while looking for food and ran into Koza while the ditto had turned into a baby Ho-Oh. He mistook Koza as an actual baby Pokemon and cared for the little bird before falling asleep.

After his encounter with Koza, Scizor came across Aero, his long-lost latios friend. The two talked briefly before Scizor asked Aero to visit Koza. Aero complied and the two parted ways.

Now Scizor roams the land aimlessly, looking for places to train and Pokemon to spar with.