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"Life ain't so great when you've learned everything the hard way"
Species Moonlight Pokémon
Age 10
Level 78
Types Dark-type.png
Gender Male
Home Johto
Trainer Wild
Carrying Nothing
Nature Lonely

"Tch. Well. Life has its way of humbling everyone, I guess. At this rate, I'm a fucking, saint."


Born to a Mightyena father and Espeon mother, Luomi's childhood was fairly easy-going. Though he spent most of his youth reserved from his other siblings, his demeanor was certainly positive. This in fact lasted until he had left his home once able. His introverted nature pegged him as a wanderer, which he bore proudly. He traveled all over the Johto region during his second and third years, before returning home finally.

Upon his return, he had found that his parents had both passed away, and his siblings were nowhere to be found. On top of that, his home a sprawling human suburb. While this defintely devastated him, he made attempts to move on past this. Eventually coming across a pack of eeveelutions, through which he met a lovely Leafeon, whom he courted and mated with. This partnership did not last, however, when their egg did not hatch on time. His reaction was bitter and full of anger. His next year spent fending completely for himself, he constantly tangled himself up in disagreements with larger Pokemon. One day, a certain brawl went too far south, and he was left near death.

Luckily, he was rescued by Leah, a peculiar human who happened upon him in the nick of time. A friendship formed between the two, albeit reluctantly on Luomi's part, as she nursed him back to health. Once he was able, he began to roam again, though hardly any less ill-tempered. In time, he found another female - an Umbreon and a roamer like himself- they mated as well and had a pup. Time passed, and life moved along, until one day, both had vanished, and Luomi was left alone once again. This caused a complete reversion to his former attitude, which he still maintains.

Though he did form another mateship, it didn't last long, due to his own distrusting and unforgiving nature. To this day, he resides in Johto, wasting away his time until old age takes him away.


Luomi has a very wary and blunt personality type. He doesn't hesitate to speak his mind, which can be quite colorful at times. Even when he isn't angry, he gives off an illusion of constant annoyance and anger toward anyone he talks to. The bonds he forms are incredibly important to him, but even more difficult to form. They are not broken easily nor without consequence.




Mean Look

Last Resort


Luomi is a large Umbreon, standing at roughly three feet, nine inches. The first thing anyone will notice about him is his broken and battered appearance. His fur is covered with blank patches and riddled with scars, fresh and old. On top of this, instead of sporting the usual smooth and glossy coat that Umbreon are known for, his coat is longer and shaggier. He also sports quite the expressive facial structure, his eyes a tad more narrowed and his snout more pointed, giving his head a little more of a canine look and feel. This is more than likely due to his father being a Mightyena.

Other Facts

His birthday is February 11th

Luomi has had three eggs each with different partners, though only one survived.

He has no known living family.

His ability is Inner Focus

He had a trainer once, but it only lasted for three weeks