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"How filthy! Weezing left a floater!"
Species Muk
Age Unknown
Level 39
Types Poison-type.png
Gender Male
Home Sinnoh Sewers
Trainer Wild
Nature Quirky

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  • Harden
  • Pound
  • Sludge Bomb
  • Disable

Short Bio

Puke is a quirky male Muk who just happens to have OCD, which is all fine apart from one small detail - his compulsive behaviour happens to be his attention to cleanliness, which is highly unfortunate as he happens to be such a filthy creature by nature.
Neurotic, jumpy but also somewhat gullible, Puke is easily led, hard to follow and near impossible to take seriously. Understandably, Puke has more than a few self-esteem issues stemming from his very being. As a result of this, he regularly downs bottles of disinfectant. Nonetheless, he is a kind, giving if not irritable individual who gives love in spades to those who would take it. Unless one happens to be a female Weezing named Malaise who lives in his pipe and makes a mess...


  • Cleaning
  • Practising personal hygiene
  • Shiny things
  • Soap
  • Talking about conspiracies
  • Helping other Pokemon


  • Dirt/Grime/Etc.
  • Slobs
  • Bad smells
  • His ability (Sticky Hold)





Cedric Noh
Malaise, his Weezing "pipemate".


Had been an old flame of Chai's prior to having been flushed down the toilet by her trainer.