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Lesli T. Skitty
A 300.jpg
Everything went hazy after that.
Species Skitty
Age 12/24/2005
Level 43
Types Normal-type.png
Gender M
Home Johto
Trainer Wild
Carrying Silk Scarf
Nature Unspecified

About Me

I am a Skitty, my full name is Lesli Trouble Skitty. I have bellow average eyesight and I am paranoid of almost everything. I dislike using curse words mainly because there are better words to use and funnier ones that fit the situation better, but I will sensor myself if I have to. I am a fighter and I will fight you if you ask nicely. I don't fight my enemies because it makes everything worse for everyone. I am a wild Pokemon and I dislike the thought of being captured, but maybe a loving trainer would be nice to have.

If I puff out my tail then it's a warning.


  • His own tail
  • Bitter Poffins
  • His friends
  • Chasing things
  • Gold berries
  • Shiny things
  • Chaos
  • ellipsis
  • nicknames
  • bugs (not to eat!)


  • Sweet things
  • Himself
  • Waking up
  • Forgetting what happened last night because it is usually something bad
  • Loud noises
  • Getting rubbed the wrong way
  • Screeching noises
  • The thought of evolving


Psych Up - Yes my father was a spinda, what of it! Anyways, I can copy your stats.

Attract - the ladies hehe. No lady can stand my looks, infatuation will settle in soon enough.

Copycat - I can copy the last move used!

Sing - a lullaby

Rest - I don't sleep

Covet - I like to steal things

Double Edge - so powerful it even hurts me!

Ice Beam - to cool of during the summer


My Tail - My only true freind

Electrike - nick:Sparky - I have only just met him, but he considered me his freind, and to a skitty... That's something

Slooooowpoke - nick:Pokey - He and I are good freinds...

Da_Drobat - nick:Pinky - That drugy never fails to entertain me, also he helped me got out of Hoenn.

SlowKingV - nick:Highness - He made the slowpoke stop following me after I started to act like em...

Shiny Alakazam nick:Spoony - I like her large vocabulary and artful language.

pichu nick:shocky mouse - Little dude is cool

_Politoed_ nick:N/A - I acidentaly knoked him out to hard, but there were no hard feelings.


magmaCourtney - She wants her myghtyena to eat me!

all the other teams - especially team magma

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